House Velenosa
Head(s) of House Esera Velenosa
Voice(s) Niccolo Velenosa
Kingdom Lyceum
Liege Grayson
Words No one may harm us unpunished
Sigil A fox on a purple field
Nickname Foxes

The city-states of the Lyceum are far more fractious and treacherous than any other vassals in the whole of Arvum and could never be expected to follow a leader that is not clever, powerful and capable. House Velenosa has spent centuries ensuring they fulfill every requirement and more. While not every Grand Duke of the Lyceum has been from House Velenosa, the vast majority of the leaders of the Lyceum have come from the sly southern foxes. It is a credit to the talent and skill of House Velenosa's nobles that despite the Lyceum has a whole being an ending intrigue of manipulation, far more other nobles are willing to trust Velenosa than other Lycene houses. Their word, once given, is very rarely broken- they have honor, even if it is of an exceptionally dangerous variety.


CharacterTitleAgeGenderCharacter Status
Aela Velenosa20FemaleActive
Alessandro Velenosa28MaleActive
Antonio Velenosa25MaleActive
Arman Velenosa61MaleRoster
Ashlyn Velenosa21FemaleActive
Ashlyn Velenosa/Reflection21FemaleActive
Avaline Velenosa24FemaleRoster
Baldessare Velenosa26MaleActive
Benedetto Velenosa26MaleRoster
Berenice Velenosa24FemaleActive
Cadenza Velenosa26FemaleActive
Cerys Velenosa25FemaleRoster
Cicero Velenosa26MaleActive
Daniella Velenosa19FemaleActive
Deva Velenosa26FemaleActive
Dimitri Velenosa28MaleActive
Donaldo Velenosa29MaleActive
Eleyna Velenosa30FemaleActive
Esera Velenosa24FemaleActive
Gaspar Velenosa29MaleActive
Isobella Velenosa20FemaleActive
Isolde Velenosa28FemaleRoster
Jaenelle Velenosa26FemaleActive
Leonel Velenosa26MaleActive
Locke Velenosa25MaleActive
Loelai velenosa23FemaleActive
Lorenzo Velenosa23MaleActive
Luca Velenosa24MaleActive
Lys Velenosa20FemaleActive
Mydas Velenosa33MaleActive
Niccolo Velenosa49MaleActive
Ophelia Velenosa24FemaleActive
Ornella Velenosa27FemaleActive
Rian Velenosa22MaleActive
Saoirse Velenosa18FemaleActive
Serafine Velenosa34WomanActive
Silvio Velenosa24MaleActive
Sofia Velenosa21FemaleActive
Taddeo Velenosa31MaleActive
Theo Velenosa31MaleActive
Valencia Velenosa22FemaleActive


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