Lorenzo Velenosa

Lorenzo Velenosa
Social Rank 3
Fealty Velenosa
House Velenosa
Gender Male
Age 23
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Noble
Height 5'10"
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Skintone Golden Tan
Parents Caradicco Velenosa, Enhilda Halfshav
Siblings Sofia Velenosa, Alessandro Velenosa
Uncles/Aunts Vercyn Halfshav, Ahern Halfshav, Celina Halfshav
Cousins Brianna Halfshav, Hildegard Redrain, Arik Halfshav, Rohkir Redrain, Khanne Halfshav, Otakar Redrain, Toste Redrain, Jarel Redrain
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Lorenzo's dark hair is very soft, frequently worn in some stage of fluffy rumple, and he somehow constantly generates the impression that it needs to be trimmed. There's a doe's gentle warmth to his liquid brown eyes that gives him an unfair advantage in making entreaties, but might prove a true problem should he ever need to evince menace. His slim frame, long limbs and lithe build lend to the seeming impression is more darting prey animal than lunging predator. His smile, though, is entirely melting warmth, and there is nothing in it that suggests flight or fear.


Lorenzo's baseline is warmth: diplomatic due to native empathy, there seems to be something compassionate at his core, a wellspring of human kindness that can never run dry. This grants him an innate knack for certain kinds of diplomacy, especially those requiring empathy or the diffusion of tension. Generally innocuous, he is not a student of subtlety, and can be slow to catch implications, which can make him the butt of certain kinds of comedy, a joshing he takes generally in good stead. Innuendo flying over his head -- except for when comprehension dawns and he flusters, blushes and stammers -- is a good example of this. But really, Lorenzo's nature is that of a young man who honestly tries to think the best of people and find the silver lining in any dark cloud.


The middle child of a cadet branch of a Velenosa line, Lorenzo learned early about the power of camouflage. It's not that he ever intentionally disappeared or tried to make himself overlooked, but somehow, environmentally, he grew from a toddler who never won the three-legged race to a young squire who won exercises just enough to be competent but lost them just enough to avoid accusations of excellence. As a young man, he did moderately well with tutors and scholars, but not so well that anyone really considered him as a shoe-in for the priesthood.

Somehow, with the discreet aid and protection of his older brother, Lorenzo went through a remarkably ordinary teenagerhood in Lenosia as a friendly, smiling, gentle version of the invisible average man. He had brief flirtations, but nothing that broke down the walls of romance. No one tried to assassinate him. He had acquaintanceships but few close friendships. He was liked, but not beloved. At 18, he took a cavalry commission and rode out to fight in skirmishes with Shav'Arvani, and even there, he neither distinguished himself as either hero or coward.

Nothing lasts forever, though. No prince of Velenosa can remain overlooked forever. War after disappearance after assassination, and a summons to the capital came; so Lorenzo sailed for Arx with an optimistic heart that, just maybe, not being overlooked would be all right.