Viviana Pravus

Viviana Pravus
Social Rank 4
Fealty Velenosa
House Pravus
Gender Female
Age 28
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Swashbuckling Bon Vivant
Height 5'9"
Hair Color Jet Black
Eye Color Vivid Green
Skintone Olive
Parents Leticia Pravus
Siblings Lianne Malespero
Uncles/Aunts Giorgia Pravus, Carlotta Pravus, Niccolo Velenosa, Deva Velenosa, Tommaso Pravus, Zacharie Pravus, Piero Pravus
Cousins Esera Velenosa, Gersard Pravus, Belladonna Pravus, Isolde Velenosa, Sebastian Pravus, Juliana Igniseri, Elonso Pravus, Vanora Grimhall, Nicia Laurent, Celeste Pravus, Aurelia Pravus
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Few have the ready laugh and genuine smile, both brilliant and full of vigor, like Lady Viviana Pravus. She combines the grace of a noble born lady with the vitality of a company of legends. Her frame is slender and strong, beautifully crafted from a dream of athleticism and grace. Hair the color of mystery itself falls in glorious waves down her back, or tied back in a practical, elegant braid. Her easy, delightful smiles have life lent to them by the brilliance of her vivid green eyes, which outshine all the jewels in the kingdom. Unquestionably beautiful, her real attraction comes from the confidence and swagger, the belly laughs, the pure ferocity and joy the woman claims from every step, every blink of her long lashes.


Flamboyantly daring with brash confidence, Viviana intends to live life to its fullest. Setbacks and defeats are just entertaining challenges that allow her to showcase dazzling skill or charm, and Viviana is never one to permit anything to throw her off her jaunty stride for very long. With a wicked wit and keenly ambitious mind that lives up to House Pravus' dark reputation, she's ready to laugh off just about everything- particularly words of caution, piety of restraint.


From very early in her life, Lady Viviana Pravus knew she would never be happy doing just one thing. She had a deep, unquenchable hunger to find out everything life had to offer. She can enjoy the courtly games of intrigue as much as any noble from the Lyceum, but she yearns for adventure and experiences far beyond the court. She impulsively took up hobby after hobby, switching between each with a lightning pace as a youth, until finally settling on swordplay both as a practical means of serving her House and of exploring the sort of adventure she hungers for. She adopted the flamboyant style of the duelists of the Lyceum city-states that spar for sport and fame, and appreciating the sense of theater that can win over crowds with a jaunty display of skill, arrogance and humor. Never one to be tied down for long, she started escorting the Setarco vessels sailing out with their silk shipments, staying out at sea for so long in her new passion she quite nearly missed the turmoil that gripped House Pravus when her cousin Belladonna came to power. Of course, once she was back in Setarco, intrigue between the houses resulting in more than a few desperate and flashy swordfights were a dream come true for Viviana, and she demonstrated enough skill, talent, and most importantly, loyalty to House Pravus that she was named head of the City Watch of Setarco. Unfortunately, her brash nature got the better of her, and merchant complaints caused her to resign the post she found far more boring than she anticipated and has since made for Arx to help family and hopefully get into far more entertaining trouble.