House Malvici
Head(s) of House Calypso Malvici
Voice(s) Caelis Malvici, Anze Malvici, Eirene Malvici
Kingdom Lyceum
Liege Velenosa
Words Neither by chance nor by fate.
Sigil A black hawk on a split red and black field.
Nickname Raptors.

According to legend, House Malvici's ancestor was a brilliant general during the Reckoning, a master of deceptive warfare whose small army's distractions, feints, and traps delayed the demons' advance on Arx. Historically, House Malvici has fielded a larger standing army and a larger, better-trained militia than its competitors in the Lyceum and been unafraid to use them. The family that believes in making its own luck avoids leaving anything to chance. Although the records are largely lost, there's a belief that House Hawkmour was a cadet branch of Malvici that split off many centuries ago, explaining the similarities in their sigils.


CharacterTitleAgeGenderCharacter Status
Anze Malvici30MaleActive
Apollis Malvici22MaleActive
Artorius Malvici27MaleActive
Caelis Malvici21FemaleActive
Calypso Malvici29FemaleActive
Cicero Malvici26MaleActive
Domonico Malvici26MaleRoster
Eirene Malvici33FemaleActive
Enyo Malvici20FemaleActive
Fiora Malvici24FemaleActive
Hadrian Malvici23MaleActive
Harmon Malvici26MaleActive
Inigo Malvici24MaleActive
Pepper Malvici21FemaleActive


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