Calista Fidante

Calista Fidante
Social Rank 3
Fealty Velenosa
House Fidante
Gender Female
Age 24
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Noble
Height 5'6"
Hair Color Blackened Cinnamon
Eye Color Shadowed Emerald
Skintone Bronzed
Parents Giancinta Fidante, Marcus Laurent
Siblings Leo Fidante
Uncles/Aunts Edmund Laurent, Luzio Fidante, Kedehern Laurent, Teonia Fidante, Eduardo Fidante, Ilene Laurent, Sondra Laurent, Agostino Fidante, Timothy Laurent, Alaricinta Fidante, Vicente Fidante, Sandra Malgentilega
Cousins Hadrian Mazetti, Lucien Malvici, Calypso Malvici, Fiora Malvici, Dante Fidante, Juliet Fidante, Angelo Fidante, Baldwin Fidante, Cristoph Laurent, Jael Laurent, Cassandra Laurent, Caelis Valardin, Diego Leary, Artorius Magnotta, Eiran Laurent, Pepper Navegant, Naka Laurent, Ignacio Fidante, Klaus Thrax, Frederic Grayson, Esme Fidante, Enyo De Lire, Gwenna Redrain, Alice Malvici, Artur Redrain, Luciano Fidante, Aeryn Laurent, silvana fidante, Florencia Fidante, Idris Malvici, Iris Malvici, Santi Malvici, Nuala Redrain, Forato Fidante, Narcissa Fidante
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Effortlessly, Calista exudes an aura of sultry trouble, a wicked glimmer in her dark eyes, an unconscious swagger in her step. Always dressed and groomed impeccably, there is always a sense of chaos around the young noblewoman. Beautiful, beyond a doubt, her dark hair falls in a tumble of thick lush waves about her slender face, accenting the Tehom-may-care grin ever present on her lush lips. The curves of her figure remain one of the great wonders of Arx, which she flaunts or covers based on her own whims. Her laugh is quick and musical, but never cruel, and the sparkle in her eye may hold infinite mischief, but never true wickedness.

{w({nLong dark hair is meticulously styled off her face so that her jewelry is on display. Firelight captures the sparkle of the gems that halo around her face.{w){n


Wild and passionate, living for the moment and thinking later on consequences, Calista was a nightmare for her many, many tutors trying to impress the need for propriety and restraint upon the infectiously charming young noblewoman. It's not that she doesn't understand the implications for scandal or how 'bad' behavior can horrify the oh-so-proper well heeled members of the Peerage, she simply feels if none of them know how to enjoy themselves it is hardly her problem and that if she makes a few elderly stuffy dukes drop dead in apoplexy from witnessing libertine behavior then perhaps Arx will be better for it. Still, she's more reserved (by her standards) around her far social superiors that could actually inflict real consequences upon her. She enjoys finding out where the limits lay, and just how close she can get to the line without crossing it.


Despite a tragic past, Calista is not a bitter woman. Not that she wouldn't possess considerably justification to be bitter, in her humble opinion. When your stepfather murders your mother after your birth to attempt a coup by declaring himself regent over you, and your elder brother leads a revolt that kills the man even before you learn how to walk, it's not the most auspicious beginnings to a bright and shining happy childhood. But she's not the only noblewoman to be raised nearly entirely by tutors instead of family, due to her lord brother the Duke barely ever having time for his only surviving sibling. So no, Calista is not bitter, but she also has no intention of letting her life be dictated to her by an older sibling, no matter how well intentioned. Who to see, how to speak, how to act due to how she might be perceived, what to wear, what hobbies to pursue, and on and on and on to 'live up to the standards of the Fidante family', when House Fidante is mostly well known for how her stepfather murdered her mother and started a war. She damned well will decide exactly what it means to be a Fidante, and to her that means having fun how she wants, when she wants, anyway she wants it despite the opinions of anyone else.

Political power and scheming and intrigue is fine for some people (especially old boring ones), and it's hilarious to have the movers and shakers of society try to guess devious cunning plans behind the random things she does, but she doesn't really set out to cause trouble. Well, mostly. Some people deserve trouble. But she really isn't trying to give her brother the Duke of Tyr a heart attack, she just refuses to be reined in and bow to the public perceptions of the oppressively boring and old that cluck their tongues in disapproval at daring behavior or gasp in horror that someone used the wrong spoon at a royal feast. For those people, she is only too happy (gleeful, really) to be considered 'a problem' or 'trouble' and if she can make their lives more difficult without getting into real trouble for it, she will gladly take it. Maybe she'll settle down and get serious about playing the games of power and politics that older nobles enjoy, maybe she'll even make her ideas of fun benefit her in that regard, but for now, she mostly is just about a good time.