Orelia Stonewood

Orelia Stonewood
Social Rank 5
Fealty Grayson
House Stonewood
Gender Female
Age 18
Religion Gild
Vocation Noble
Height 5'5
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Grey-Blue
Skintone Lightly Tanned
Parents Eroza Arterius, Leonius Stonewood
Uncles/Aunts Vayla Pravus, Reginalde Stonewood, Charlemagne Arterius, Cyprias Stonewood, Evarbisto Arterius, Carmen Whisperwind
Cousins Joscelin Arterius, Evaristo Arterius, Arianna Pravus, Graham Byrne, Gailin Fireviper, Malesh Stonewood, Ronan Acheron, Giuliano Pravus
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Orelia is perhaps not, at a glance, what one might expect of a warrior. As the baby-faced lines of adolescence have sharpened, they've revealed fine-boned, vaguely leonine features that seem in perpetual flux between mischief and bored indifference. Large, upward tilted eyes of tempestuous, stormy grey-blue - framed with ebon lashes and straight, groomed tawny brows - sparkle on occasion with an unsettling wildness beneath the facade of decorum. This is especially true when she flashes her teeth in one of those trademark insouciant grins. Long, thick tresses, soft and with a natural tousled wave, would fall when loosed to her tiny waist; swirls of gold, honey and platinum. But she keeps it properly pinned up at her nape, more often than not, contrasting pleasantly enough against the light golden tan of her skin.

Faint, silvery scars mar here and there, most notably a slice at her left temple which meanders into her hairline above the ear. Not overly tall, she is slender and lean of limb; subtle musculature a testament to time devoted in training of some kind. Dancing maybe, given the fluid grace with which she moves. Her legs in particular are long, bordering on coltish, and offering her a rangy gait.


Like most noblewomen, Orelia has been well grounded in etiquette. Her charm, however, lies more in her approachable and amiable nature rather than veiled meanings and delicate courtier's airs. She is truly an open book, and seems to refrain from passing judgement on others. Light hearted banter comes easily to the young lady and offending her is nigh impossible. That is not to say she cannot be solemn when the occasion calls for it.. it's just rare she finds a situation entirely without some form of humor, even if it must be dark. Orelia has quite the reputation of being a troublemaker, especially within the Stonewood side of her family. From benign pranks, to setting her brother's diary pages to song, to getting into the occasional fight -- Orelia can be a difficult woman. She has her Arterius mother's free spirit and, while that ensures adoration from her father, she is considered something of a black sheep alongside her more stoic kinsmen.


Orelia's mother was from common blood, a soldier for the Lyceum named Eroza Arterius. Her father, Leonius, was a nobleman from the Stonewood family who'd become enamored with Eroza's's wildness and bravery.

As a child, Orelia would run barefoot around the grounds of the estate like a little urchin, much to the chagrin of the servants who were charged with her care. She had an unseemly love for the forests and mysteries of the world; railing at the bounds of nobility that kept her from freely exploring either one. Although Orelia's mother died when she was two years old, her father spent many a night weaving wondrous tales of her exploits on the battlefield, alongside the girl's aunts and uncles, now also long gone; Charlemagne Arterius, Carmen Whisperwind and Reginalde Stonewood. The young girl grew up, as so many others do, on romantic stories of soldiers and knights and epic battles. Only she saw herself, always, as the hero rather than the damsel.

Her eldest brother managed to channel at least some of her energy into putting these tales to song. Orelia had a great talent for composing music as well as performing it and as she grew older, she spent less time playing pranks and more singing. At least, publicly. Unbeknownst to her brothers, she'd struck a deal with her father to behave. For as long as she avoided causing a fuss, he'd pay for a private tutor to teach her how to fight.

As a young woman, Orelia has devoted herself to sword and songcraft with unbridled zeal. She has come to Arx to better acquaint herself with her Arterius relatives; her natural wildness seeming better suited to that particular melting pot more often than not. It is said she resembles her Southern mother in many ways, save the golden hue of her hair. She remains on excellent terms with the new Marquis, her cousin, and is well-liked by most she encounters; from her fellow Champions to the commonfolk of the Lowers. She holds to only two of the familial Stonewood traits - stormy eyes and a forthright, almost blunt, manner.

Currently training under Prince Luca Grayson, it appears the young lady's theatrical side, that natural flair for performance, has had her abandon those childish notions of Knighthood in favour of the exciting, infamous world of the Champions. She works undeniably hard, with an almost fearsome determination to better herself. Quite what prompted this suddenly focused dedication remains a mystery, even to those closest to her.