Graham Byrne

Graham Byrne
Social Rank 5
Fealty Grayson
House Byrne
Gender Male
Age 20
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Soldier
Height 6'1"
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Brown
Skintone Tan
Parents Vayla Pravus, Reginalde Stonewood, Carmen Whisperwind
Siblings Arianna Pravus, Gailin Fireviper, Giuliano Pravus, Sabrina Inverno, Malesh Stonewood
Uncles/Aunts Gaius Stonewood, Karina Farshaw, Marco Pravus, Cyprias Stonewood, Leonius Stonewood, Madeline Pravus
Cousins Orelia Mazetti, Ronan Acheron, Tyche Inverno, Camilla Pravus, Lyra Byrne
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Graham is a young man full of youth, his hair is light brown almost golden hair in places, it is worn medium length though kept out of his eyes at all times. His brown eyes are match for his hair though are bright. He can often be found to be wearing his travel clothes which include a chainmail vest and leather padding under, the suit continues with his bottom half though is hidden, when dressed as such he has a longbow slung across his back and a sword at his hip. The boots he wears shows the time and wear upon them but are still sturdy.


Though Graham is a warrior foremost, he is known to be easy going, quick to make a joke and laugh with others, though he knows when to be stern and so it's these times that others pay close attention to his words. He was born to know etiquette and can speak among other nobles easily enough.


Lord Graham Stonewood, was born the youngest male of the line. He realized from an early age that he would have a lot to live up to, bigger brothers and sisters who had accomplished much or become skilled.He would from the time he could first remember trying to learn all that he could from his lessons, though excelling at martial skills the most. He was not distant from his older siblings, but after her birth it seemed he was closest to his youngest sister Arianna the two as time went on would grow to be near inseparable.

The lessons would get more difficult,but the young Lord Graham would continue to do his best and it was apparent that his path would be one of a soldier as time went on. He would develope closely with his family and a protective instinct for their lands and to help those in need. It would be with his first taste of true battle that he would learn the weight of leadership, and would take this back with him. He is unchanged except in the fact that he has recently redoubled his effort in training, and feels all the more protective.