Malesh Stonewood

Malesh Stonewood
Social Rank 4
Fealty Grayson
House Stonewood
Gender Male
Age 32
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Merchant
Height 6'6"
Hair Color Sandy Blonde
Eye Color Stormy Blue
Skintone Sun Kissed
Parents Vayla Pravus, Reginalde Stonewood, Carmen Whisperwind
Siblings Arianna Pravus, Graham Byrne, Gailin Fireviper, Giuliano Pravus, Sabrina Inverno
Uncles/Aunts Leonius Stonewood, Marco Pravus, Cyprias Stonewood
Cousins Baltus Darkwater, Azova Darkwater, Orelia Stonewood, Ronan Acheron, Tyche Inverno
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A well blended mix of Scholar and Noble Business man, Malesh has the look of one who always know his next plan and moves with a certain confidance. Sandy Blonde hair, kept somewhat long but always groomed gives his face a slightly serious look. His stormy blue eyes with gray speckles, shimmer with a life of their own, though he is good at hiding his emotion when needed. His smile, even if rare, is one of his vary charming features. That is normally a bit of trimmed stubble around his mouth and alone his jawline.

{w({nHis left eyebrow and a streak of hair along his temple have gone white. Additionally, he's sporting a leather eyepatch on that side.{w){n


Malesh is a a true fighter, when it comes to economics. He knows that getting anything done the right way absolutely needs motivation and drive. When he has a goal or set a plan for himself and his family, there is no stopping him. He can sometimes come off as cold and and too disciplined. And rumor has it he has one hell of a temper when wrongly crossed


Malesh is the first born son of the past Marquis Reginalde Stonewood and the formerly Lady Carmen Whisperwind. Reginalde was a warrior while Carmen was an entrepreneur and adored the economics. At a young age he develeoped an interest in economics, his mother beginning his lessons. Sadly when Malesh was only 11 years old, she passed away from a her illness he only buried himself more within studies. At then age of thirteen, he started to travel to Arx and immerse himself in various studies as well as learning more about the trade. Going back home to Stoneheart frequently to catch up with his father, siblings and cousins. As he grew older he began to also study on how to be more diplomatic. His efforts paid off as he helped those within Stoneheart thrive with the decisions he made. Malesh has now been the Marquis for 3 years since his father passed away from a heart attack.