Joscelin Arterius

Joscelin Arterius
Social Rank 7
Fealty Crownsworn
House Arterius
Gender Female
Age 35
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Jeweler
Height 5'4"
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Gold
Skintone Golden-brown
Parents Charlemagne Arterius, Kaia Banyan
Uncles/Aunts Eroza Arterius
Cousins Orelia Stonewood
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Joscelin is a creature of shapes and colors, round and dark, giving lasting impressions of a warm, soft woman. A round face with dark gold eyes, her honey-toned skin is accented only by the darker spray of freckles across her cheeks as well as the bridge of her nose, and a delicate scar that traces a pale line from her right ear to the edge of her chin. Her hair is short, a halo of curls around her head, needing little in the way of pinning or tying back as they defy gravity with the spring in those tresses. Laughlines crease around her eyes, the woman often smiling, cussing, glowering, cackling, in varied order. Shorter than many, it's often her voice that is noticed first, a perverse dichotomy of melodious tones when wrapped around vile descriptions and angry declarations.



In most aspects of the woman's life, Joscelin is loud. She can project those swear words like arrows, and no one is immune. Efficient, proud of her work, she will tolerate no silly business when it comes to being professional. At least, initially. She'll make her own judgement calls if the need arises, but her world is mostly confined to her life and her trade. Stubborn, compassionate to a fault, she often bites off more than she can handle but is the last person to admit it. Flying off the handle, she's often one to act first and think later. While this usually serves her well, either by luck or design, it doesn't work all the time, and sometimes even gets her into trouble.


While most adolescents were busy planning for their trades (or their plans to escape the family trade by joining up with a military unit or eloping), Joscelin was obsessing over headier things like composition, and line, color, shape, weight. A critical eye for how things 'should be', her obsession gave her the unique ability to create beautiful wearable pieces of art. River-stones, random bits of this or that, set together and arranged into something aesthetically pleasing -- be it brooch or bracelet or pendant, and then tossed aside as the next inspiration took her. Eventually, her mother had to admit Joscelin's talent and aptitude, and it was she who took her to smiths until she found one that would teach the girl how to safely work metal and glass. The complexity of her creations simply took off.

A striking, delicate brooch clasped to the high neck of her mother's dress caught the eye one day of the young Duchess Iona Bisland, and she became Joscelin's first noble patron. A formal apprenticeship wasn't far behind and soon enough, Joscelin was making a name for herself as a promising tradeswoman. These days, she works also with the Bisland's liege, the voice of Grayson, Lady Dawn. Excelling in the jeweler trade, Joscelin found satisfaction in her work and her creations, and the generous clientele that ranged from commoner to noble. Stubborn, she likes things her way, whether it's a design or her life, her atelier, her home, or her family. Acceptance that she can't always have this has led her to vent her frustrations in the world by swearing. A lot. So while she might bend to the whims of fate, it's with much fussin' and cussin'.