Arianna Pravus

Arianna Pravus
Social Rank 3
Fealty Pravus
House Pravus
Gender Female
Age 24
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Agent
Height 5'8
Hair Color Platinum Blonde
Eye Color Blue With Emerald Flecks
Skintone Alabaster
Parents Vayla Pravus, Reginalde Stonewood, Carmen Whisperwind
Siblings Graham Byrne, Gailin Fireviper, Giuliano Pravus, Sabrina Inverno, Malesh Stonewood
Uncles/Aunts Leonius Stonewood, Marco Pravus, Cyprias Stonewood
Cousins Salazar Argento, Hugo Argento, Orianna Argento, Lunara Argento, Orelia Stonewood, Donato Velenosa, Adriana Velenosa, Luciana Velenosa, Carissa Malespero, Ronan Acheron, Leonora Velenosa, Tyche Inverno, Cassimir Inverno
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Sensual doesn't begin to cover this woman's countenance. She's pale but shines with a radiance that belies her good health and while her skin is milky during winter seasons it holds a tan quite well it during the sunnier times of the year. Lengthy tresses of pure Setarco gold flow around her shoulders after having been freshly cut and are often worn down. On the occasions that the Pravus noblewoman has her hair pulled back her high cheekbones and angular, feminine jawline are more apparent to the eye and lend an exotic quality to her features. Sapphire blue irises sit in almond-shaped eyes that sparkle with flecks of bright emerald green when a certain liveliness or mischief is piqued. Her waistline is small but her hips and rear are quite curvy, both traits often on display in lycene silks that leave little to the imagination. When she speaks her voice holds a soft, gentle cadence, or cold edge depending on whom she's addressing and full, pouty lips wordlessly promise carnal delights and fun times to be had for those adventurous enough to approach the Pravosi woman.


Arianna used to be quite the troublemaker as a youth. She caused no small amount of headaches and disappointment for her Liege and inevitably earned a ticket to Reform school. All things must come to an end, even the childish ways of an upstart noble with a skewed sense of the world. Not a very nice place it seems for whatever she experienced there has made her a different person altogether. Where she was once brash and disrespectful she is now restrained and properly deferent. Her demeanor is a cultured one of self-respect and quiet wisdom. Even if she has managed to maintain her dark sense of humor it is easy to see that Lady Stonewood spent those long eighteen months underneath some of the greatest instructors in social charms and it shows.


Arianna was born the only daughter in the Stonewood family, born to a Lycene mother from Setarco. Lady Vayla Pravus instilled a lot of herself in her daughter and insisted on raising her child in the Lyceum. It was an unusual request, all things considered, seeing as it was in Lenosia and not Setarco that the girl was raised. Alongside other notables within House Velenosa like her Pravus cousins and Luca, the little Crownlander existed practically as a member of the fealty. She spent summers in Setarco and learned about the paramount House of the Silken City while she did so but rarely did she ever return to the lands of the House which she and her mother owed fealty. Her brothers and cousins in House Stonewood were not too keen of this but her father did not seem to mind it so and nothing was done about it until the man died and the Marquis Malesh took his place. She was summoned back to the House and parted ways with her mother who did not wish to return to a that House when she was welcome back in Setarco.

Arianna's return was met with mixed feelings but her clever ways and principled upbringing in the Lyceum made her savvy and a useful advisor to her brother whom soon after appointed her his Voice. For a long while she did an excellent job at this, staying out of court politics and tending to the affairs of her lands that had belonged to her father.

She was unhappy with her place in life and took to many hobbies to fill the voice, in time these hobbies became pursuits and these pursuits into careers. Trained in the Ministry of Defense as an Agent, working as an Investigator with the Iron Guard, spending time in the archives with Scholars, and even going so far as joining a company of sellswords that fought in many of the Compact's most recent wars. Being a famous sellsword and having a penchant for dark humor didn't win her many friends, but since she did so well in her duties as Voice that the public backlash for her activities and penchant for scandal washed over her brother like water off a duck's back.

Of course, this put tension on the relations between native Stonewoods and this Lycene girl in Crownlands clothing. Inquiries were made and loyalties were tested and ultimately the House was better served without her leadership, and even if her brother hadn't decided on this for her - the Pravosi girl threw in the chips and stepped down not just in Stonewood but elsewhere. She withdrew from the world at large and returned to Stonehearth to, presumably, attend Reform School. It's the worst kind of punishment for Lycene, especially when attending an institution with dour matrons and delinquent Crownlander nobles.

Suffice to say upon her return Arianna was quite well behaved and leaned even more so upon her Lycene upbringing. She left Stonewood to join Fireviper as the Sword of Cinder at her brother Gailin's request but even still she grew more distant from the Crownlanders and looked to home. Eventually the Count of Fireviper released her from her oath of fealty so she could return to Pravus and so she did.