Martino Malvici

Martino Malvici
Social Rank 3
Fealty Lyceum
House Malvici
Gender Male
Age 33
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Steward
Height tall
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Green
Skintone Fair
Parents Callo Malvici, Palania Malvici
Siblings Domonico Magnotta, Thea Wyverheart
Uncles/Aunts Wendy Malvici
Cousins Michael Bisland, Lailah Bisland, Ainsley Grayson, Lili Bisland, Sarielle Bisland, Ailys Grayson, Aiden Rubino-zaffria, Zoey Kennex, Lumen Whisper, Gloriel Bisland, Aibek Grayson, Dora Malvici, Rayne Bisland, Zion Bisland, Aindre Grayson, Selah Bisland, Desma Magnotta
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At six feet tall with memorable green eyes, Martino Malvici is someone that few very easily forget. He has the classical good looks of the Arvum aristocracy, which points to excellent breeding. A strong jaw and athletic build does little to detract from this. He has a quick smile and easy about him that works well for the Minister and suits his personality. Its a matter of debate as to whether or not he frequently smells so good due to the women he tends to keep company with or if it is just immaculate hygiene.


Saved from a life of martial focus by his mother, Martino understands the value of an education that is non-traditional to the family. While so many of Malvici are more serious as they go about their business, Martino is not afraid to gladhand and laugh with fellow nobles. He serves the House well, though, and he knows that the Ducal leadership of Malvici has their faith well-placed in him. He is just as at home having a mead with a new friend in a dark bar as he is having a serious discussion of political considerations with someone far above his own station. It is of little secret, though, that he is suspicious of fellow Houses in the Lyceum, a fact he attributes to respect for history rather than a current proof.


Raised closely to Eirene, Martino was one of the boys that stood out early for his competence for the blade and use rather than sheer skill with the art. His father had intended for him to become an officer and leader of battlefield formations, but a doting mother directed him, her firstborn, to receive more schooling. He honed his education not just with Malvici but also with other families for as long as six months at a time so that he might study the ways of other families - especially those outside the Lyceum. While he did this, he spent a lot of time playing logic puzzles and learning how to adapt to sometimes difficult circumstances. Knowing how to read a situation became something of a sixth sense to the young man. His mother's instinct paid off in dividends for the man who would grow to not just steward often for the house, but also work as a Minister.

As Martino has gotten older, he has become a weapon of the House. While he tends to have a much more laissez faire attitude contrasting to the somber of Malvici, he has proven to be valuable in that others can and will work through him to help establish diplomatic and political ties to a family that can otherwise be somewhat distant or difficult to penetrate. At the same age as Duchess Calypso, the two are extremely different people but there does seem to be a respect built there because despite his playboy attitude, there is a reason he is still a recognized representative of the House.