Aiden Rubino-zaffria

Aiden Rubino-zaffria
Social Rank 4
Fealty Velenosa
"Velenosa" is not in the list of possible values (Redrain, Valardin, Grayson, Thrax, Pravus, Lyceum, Crown) for this property.
House Rubino-zaffria
Gender Male
Age 26
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Noble
Height 6'1"
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Gray
Skintone Light Mocha
Parents Rodric Grayson, Daniela Bisland
Siblings Ainsley Grayson, Ailys Grayson, Aibek Grayson, Aindre Grayson
Uncles/Aunts Rafael Bisland, Alarrion Grayson, Kellan Grayson, Alarys Grayson, Nathaniel Bisland, Aiomir Darkwater, Samael Bisland, Sabitha Bisland, Alaricia Grayson, Ahriman Grayson, Gabriel Bisland, Iona Bisland, Alari Grayson
Cousins Michael Bisland, Lailah Bisland, Natalia Grayson, Gareth Grayson, Barric Grayson, Alarissa Thrax, Sabella Grayson, Calain Grayson, Lou Grayson, Reese Grayson, Valkieri Rubino-Zaffria, Zaccheri Rubino, Laric Grayson, Cara Grayson, Lark Grayson, Lili Bisland, Sarielle Bisland, Lysander Rubino-Zaffria, Zoey Kennex, Donato Velenosa, Adriana Velenosa, Luciana Velenosa, Lumen Whisper, Talwyn Saik, Terese Valardin, Gloriel Bisland, Fecundo Valardin, Miranda Mazetti, Minka Grayson, Enoch Grayson, Morwythia grayson, Leonora Velenosa, Samuele Rubino-zaffria, Kaia Malvici, Rayne Bisland, Ludwig Grayson, Zion Bisland, Selah Bisland, Tamsin Grayson, Taliene Deepwood
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While this man boasts a rangy build that stands him to 6'1" tall, it's the incredibly light gray eyes creating a dynamic contrast against his light mocha complexion which steals the show. These gray eyes are tucked underneath thick brows and set above prominent cheek bones that soften downward into leveled cheeks and an angular jawline, face being tipped at the end with a jutting round chin. Aiden's expression is often intense and focused. When he smiles it lights up his face and makes him appear boyish that a lack of facial hair adds to. As for hair, it is black with spiraled tips turning a shade of chestnut as it hangs around in a riot of springy curls that are often home to feathers or bits of down. He doesn't have a particularly muscular build but neither is he overtly skinny. He has the build of one who spends time outdoors, but does not devote his life to physical training. His hands and arms are home to a lattice work of scars from avian talons.

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Aiden is an extroverted introvert, to put it simply. There will be situations that he'll be a man of few words; words that when they come out, are laconic in fashion. It isn't that he hates people, rather, social situations can grow to be too complex and he loses interest or focus easily - or simply put, he finds them emotionally exhausting. People have far more subtle cues that he doesn't fully grasp, and in large crowds, this is entirely overwhelming for him. Certainly he will turn into a wallflower or simply leave when at his limit.


Born the middle child of Prince Rodric Grayson and the Lady Daniela Bisland, Aiden Grayson was raised alongside siblings Ainsley and Ailys in Bastion. From the start Aiden was a quiet child and often considered the 'odd duck' by the others, adult and child alike. Friendship wasn't easy for a child who would barely manage to speak a word under pressure; a problem which often escalated into him becoming a target to be pushed around.