Welcome to the Arx Wiki Guides! This category will contain player-written introductions and expansions to Arx lore, code, and anything else that ends up being helpful.

Wanted Guides

  • Getting Started/Intro/Beginner Code - Started as Getting Started
  • Chargen
  • Startgear
  • How to Take Action and Get Involved (Investigations, Requests, Staff Support, etc.)
  • Retainers - Started as Retainers
  • Combat
  • Crafting - Started as Crafting Guide
  • Coloring - Coloring Guide (Mostly done - needs more details for Talen's Creationist)
  • Building, Room Management - Started as Building
  • Gaining XP/Spending XP/Training - Started as XP Guide
  • Journals/Relationships
  • Lifestyle/Prestige
  • Mail Systems (@inform vs. messenger vs. @mail)
  • Org Management
  • Creating and Running Events
  • Navigating the Grid
  • @Army Guide
  • Lux of Arx (Unofficial) - What (food/drink/smoke/jewelry/craft/art/etc) is your region known for? Lux of Arx

Feel free to add to this list (or to remove if you've seen one be completed)!