House Malvici
Head(s) of House Calypso Malvici
Voice(s) Caelis Malvici, Anze Malvici, Eirene Malvici
Kingdom Lyceum
Liege Velenosa
Words Neither by chance nor by fate.
Sigil A black hawk on a split red and black field.
Nickname Raptors.

According to legend, House Malvici's ancestor was a brilliant general during the Reckoning, a master of deceptive warfare whose small army's distractions, feints, and traps delayed the demons' advance on Arx. Historically, House Malvici has fielded a larger standing army and a larger, better-trained militia than its competitors in the Lyceum and been unafraid to use them. The family that believes in making its own luck avoids leaving anything to chance. Although the records are largely lost, there's a belief that House Hawkmour was a cadet branch of Malvici that split off many centuries ago, explaining the similarities in their sigils.


CharacterTitleAgeGenderCharacter Status
Aahana Malvici19FemaleActive
Amanita Malvici21FemaleActive
Anze Malvici30MaleActive
Apollis Malvici22MaleActive
Artorius Malvici27MaleActive
Auriela Malvici29FemaleActive
Caelis Malvici32FemaleActive
Calypso Malvici37FemaleRoster
Cicero Malvici26MaleActive
Domonico Malvici28MaleActive
Dora Malvici22FemaleActive
Eirene Malvici38FemaleActive
Enyo Malvici20FemaleActive
Fiora Malvici26FemaleRoster
Gio Malvici23MaleActive
Hadrian Malvici23MaleActive
Harmon Malvici26MaleActive
Inigo Malvici26MaleActive
Kaia Malvici27FemaleActive
Martino Malvici35MaleActive
Morven Malvici31MaleActive
Olivian Malvici29MaleActive
Pepper Malvici21FemaleActive
Santi Malvici25MaleRoster
Sienna Malvici21FemaleActive
Sierra Malvici21FemaleActive
Thea Malvici22FemaleActive


MagnottaArtorius Magnotta
Mikani Magnotta
Desma Magnotta
SaikKima SaikArcelia Saik


House Malvici is a vassal house to House Velenosa, which in turn is a vassal to the Crown. House Malvici's vassals are the County of House Magnotta and the Barony of House Saik.

Cultural Notes

NOTE: This is an unofficial document managed by several of us players, to keep track of our house and vassel house projects (both completed and in the works), as well as any lore (relevant) details. Everyone (in the house or vassel houses) can contribute to it and is encouraged to do so. It's our story after all.


Childhood & Martial Training

For the Malvicians training with a weapon starts young. Every child learns to hold a weapon and not only fight with their bodies but with their minds as well.

This starts at birth. Parents praise the strength of their child and games seem like drills to an outsider. Yet young children seem to enjoy it. They see training as play at this point. And in a way it is. Parents are very attentive to their children's development and take an active role in ensuring proper education.

At the age of seven, informal training starts for all children - there is no separation from noble to commoner nor between genders. This part-time training spans from scouting to minor patrols around safe spaces (i.e. Castle grounds and temples). The training at this stage is continued by parents but it started to include other trusted adults. Other schooling starts at this age as well. Commoners apprentice with their parents and nobles learn how to find their place within the family.

At the age of twelve, small units are built around skill sets. This determines who is on the path toward the Navy or to the Army. Though every child is trained in both, specialized training is gained. In addition, all children learn music and dance. This is on top of their studies in reading, writing, and history.

At the age of sixteen, formal martial training begins. The cream of the crop is trained to become the next League of Caer Morien or trained to guard the noble family as Magnottan Marines. The others prepare for their mandatory service at age eighteen. Please note that this is NOT to say all Magnottan Children become lifelong warriors. Just that all children are exposed to this education.

At the age of eighteen, all serve in either the army or navy depending upon their skill sets for two years. Afterward, they are free to follow their own path, be it military or more non-militia pursuits.

Again note, that just because they learn music and dance, does not mean they are good at either. Just learning how one's body moves and how to hear and listen to others as a group of singers adds to other areas of importance. Music also teaches you how to breathe and stamina.


Unlike the Hundred Cities, who profess their love through poetry - Magnottians woo their intended through song. Some write their own lyrics and tunes while others use tried and true songs. Both are acceptable and one is not looked upon more highly than the other, especially if the lyrics express precisely the woo-ear's intent and feelings.

Customs & Rituals

Vulture's Feast

Soldiers share the good of their fallen comrades while enjoying the favored foods and drinks of the dead. A few tokens are saved to send back to the comrade's family, with condolences, and the rest are divided up amongst the unit. If any conflict arises, they are resolved with the deceased's favorite game (see Games) or contest. This tradition began in Southport as a way to reuse goods on the battlefield by the Quartermasters. It has evolved to a way to not only honor one's comrades but as a way to blow off the steam of losing family in arms.

Funeral Rites

Cremation & Burial

First Sip

As custom in the rest of the Lyceum, when offering a drink to someone/guest, a sip is taken before passing the cup. This is to prove the contents are not poisoned.

From the Lyceum.


Food & Drink





The Ducal Seat

Military Doctrine

The Hawk Guard

Climate & Geography

Plants & Wildlife

Industry & Economy

Adding Family

Important Actions to Reference

Military Actions

Action 1834 - Initial Defences of Southport Particularly of note are the chains laid across the entrance of the harbor to be pulled taut in case of attack and the ballista constructions.

Action 2351 - Construction of Goldhawk Naval Base The Goldhawk Naval Base is for both constructing military ships and providing logistical support. Led by Duchess Calypso Malvici

Action 3052 - Interhouse Naval Training Exercises Led by Count Domonico Magnotta (nee Malvici)

Action 3423 - Inclusion of Battlefield Surgeons into Southport's Armies Led by Countess Thea Wyvernheart (nee Malvici)

Action 3190 - Creation of Southport Steel Making high-quality steel weapons and armor for trade.

Economic Actions

Action 2247 - Creation of The Empyrean Trade Route A massive seagoing trade route.

Action 3190 - Creation of Southport Steel Making high-quality steel weapons and armor for trade.

Action 3882 - Creation of Megaris A sea-town for manufacturing raw materials into finished goods. Led by Lady Eirene Riven (nee Malvici)

Cultural Actions

Action 497 - Monument to Mangata Led by Duchess Calypso Malvici

Other Actions

Action 1257 - Mermaids in Southport Harbor Negotiations with the sirens (probably gone now). Led by Duchess Calypso Malvici

Action 2077 - The Shavs Outside Southport Efforts to get the Abandoned to bend the knee to Mavici. Led by Duchess Calypso Malvici