Fealty Outline

Fealties of Arx.png


The holding of Grayson is Bastion.

  • Duchy of Ashford (Ashford Keep)
    • March of Leary (Leaholdt March)
      • County of Laveer (Brighthold)
  • Duchy of Bisland (Pridehall)
    • March of Deepwood (Old Oak, aka Deepwood Hold)
      • County of Riven (Twainfort)
        • Barony of Whitehawk (Hawkhold)
      • County of Seliki (Pearlspire)


The holding of Redrain is Farhaven.

  • Duchy of Crovane (Stromwall)
    • March of Blackwood (Storm March)
      • County of Ravenseye (Stormheart)
  • Duchy of Halfshav (Whitehold)
  • Duchy of Nightgold (Stonedeep)


The holdings of Thrax are Maelstom and Tyde Hall.

  • Duchy of Grimhall (Grihem's Point)
    • March of Kennex (Stormward, Vassal of Grimhall)
      • County of Navegant (Escuma, Vassal of Kennex)
      • County of Darkwater (Darkwater Watch, Vassal of Kennex)
        • Barony of Redreef (undetermined holding, Vassal of Darkwater)


The holding of Valardin is called Sanctum.

  • Duchy of Laurent (Artshall)
    • March of Lyonesse (Lyon's Redoubt)
      • County of Keaton (Oakhaven)
  • Duchy of Telmar (The Telmarch)
    • March of Blackram (The Cloudspine)
    • March of Greenmarch (Greenhaven)
    • March of Wyrmguard (Blancbier)
      • County of Blanchard (Chevalle)


The holding of Velenosa is called Lenosia.

  • Duchy of Fidante (Tor)
    • March of Hawkmour
  • Duchy of Malvici (Southport)
      • Barony of Saik (Saikland Greens)
  • Duchy of Pravus (Setarco)
    • Truesworn (Fealty rank unknown.) (Esterhold)
    • March of Argento (Nilanza)
  • Duchy of Rubino-Zaffria (Gemecitta)
    • March of Igniseri (Granato)
  • Barony of Gilden (Fealty unlisted, assumed direct fealty to Velenosa) (Caith)