John Grayson

John Grayson
Social Rank 3
Fealty Grayson
House Grayson
Gender Male
Age 18
Religion Pantheon (Petrichor)
Vocation Ranger
Height 5'8"
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Pale Gray
Skintone Slightly Tanned
Parents Alarius Grayson
Siblings Calarian Wyrmguard, Donovan Grayson, Nicholaus Grayson
Uncles/Aunts Martellus Grayson, Rician Grayson, Evelyn Grayson
Cousins Jasher Thrax, Wash Kennex, Albion Grayson, Lilith Melaeris, Leonidas Thrax
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This young man has a lithe build that focuses on lean and compact musculature. About five feet and eight inches, he is definitely not the tallest man in Arvum. His dark brown hair is on the longer side, at least up to his neck and tends to be parted towards the right side. His eyes, are of a pale gray. A normal nose and thin lips with a goatee while the rest seems to be relegated to a five o clock shadow. Despite not being tall, his longer legs makes him seem taller.


John is mostly a quiet person. Although he seems to be more of the silent type, he is still quite friendly to those who wish to interact with him. This doesn't mean that John will simply trust that person, but he is willing to give everyone a real shot. This is because he firmly believes everyone has a bit of good in their hearts. He is also the kind of person who values Nature and their gifts. He also comes across as polite and respectful of others and values their opinion, even if he has a different opinion on a subject.


A young Grayson Prince who has come from Bastion. While he has spent most of his time in Bastion, that doesn't mean he is not aware of the changes happening all around Arvum. He is. Or at least as far as the recent news. It took a while for him to convince his Bastion bound family that he was better off helping the Compact. Specifically since he has dedicated most of his life being a dedicated scout, tracker... A ranger if you will. He figured he could lend his aid, whatever aid that was, to the main family. Lucky for him, his family approved. With their blessing he has come to Arx, intent on defending it after news had spread about the compact's wars and struggles. John has always respected his family and as such he is a proud man of what his family name means. It is this pride that has led him to believe that, just as the Grayson claims none other greater then, he must do everything in his power to make sure House Grayson remains being the greatest of all. And he will protect it from any threats. Even if those come from within Arx itself.