House Grayson
Head(s) of House Lark Grayson
Voice(s) Cara Ashford
Kingdom Crownlands
Liege Grayson
Words None greater than Grayson.
Sigil A snarling green griffin on a gray field.
Nickname Griffins. Grays. Badgers.

Arguably the most powerful house and without a doubt the proudest, House Grayson has ever justification for their pride. As the founders of the Compact and overwhelming majority of the kings and queens of the Compact of Arvum, they have long grown accustomed to ruling each of the other four great houses as their vassals. For that alone, they might be the proudest, but their greatest heroes are not those who saved the realm from the Reckoning- no, it is the woman who five hundred years ago reunited the Compact once more and shattered the power of the sylv'alfar, Queen Alarice the Great. Most of the culture of Arvum has been dictated by the dominance of Grayson mores throughout the centuries, and Arx has been treated more as a possession than an equal ground between the houses. For House Grayson, few see any reason this state of affairs should change.


CharacterTitleAgeGenderCharacter Status
Ahriman Grayson49MaleActive
Aibek Grayson18MaleActive
Aiden Grayson20MaleActive
Ailys Grayson28FemaleRoster
Aindre Grayson29MaleActive
Ainsley Grayson30MaleActive
Alaric Grayson29MaleActive
Augustus Grayson65MaleActive
Babette Grayson20FemaleActive
Barric Grayson27MaleActive
Calarian Grayson34MaleActive
Cara Grayson24FemaleActive
Dawn Grayson24FemaleActive
Donovan Grayson28MaleActive
Elizabetha Grayson22FemaleActive
Enoch Grayson22MaleActive
Gareth Grayson28MaleActive
Jerrica Grayson24FemaleActive
John Grayson18MaleActive
Julia Grayson38FemaleActive
Keely Grayson20FemaleActive
Laric Grayson37MaleActive
Lark Grayson37FemaleActive
Liara Grayson30FemaleActive
Lou Grayson26FemaleActive
Luca Grayson29MaleActive
Ludwig Grayson24MaleActive
Macda Grayson32FemaleActive
Minka Grayson18FemaleActive
Morwythia grayson21FemaleActive
Natalia Grayson29FemaleActive
Nicholaus Grayson25MaleActive
Niklas Grayson27MaleActive
Noah Grayson26MaleActive
Peregrine Grayson28FemaleActive
Reese Grayson25FemaleActive
Roxana Grayson35FemaleActive
Sabella Grayson26FemaleActive
Saira Grayson18FemaleActive
Symonesse Grayson26FemaleActive
Tamsin Grayson25FemaleActive
Tikva Grayson35FemaleActive
Triscali Grayson27FemaleActive
Varan Grayson22MaleActive


AshfordHarlan AshfordAislin Ashford
BislandMichael BislandMia Riven
GraysonLark GraysonCara Ashford
RedrainDarren RedrainDeva Redrain
ThraxVictus ThraxDonella Thrax
ValardinEdain ValardinAlis Valardin
VelenosaEsera VelenosaNiccolo Velenosa