Leonidas Thrax

Leonidas Thrax
Social Rank 3
Fealty Thrax
House Thrax
Gender Male
Age 26
Religion Queen Of Endings (Pantheon)
Vocation General
Height 6'2"
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Silver
Skintone Tanned
Parents Draco Thrax, Evelyn Grayson
Siblings Jasher Thrax, Remi Thrax, Lilith Melaeris, Vega Thrax
Uncles/Aunts Merida Thrax, Elton Thrax, Rician Grayson, Lynette Thrax, Martellus Grayson, Gideon Thrax, Alarius Grayson, Marjory Thrax, Casivan Thrax
Cousins Jaenelle Velenosa, Dagon Tyde, Donella Redrain, Leona Thrax, Valerius Malespero, Denica Thrax, Sebastian Pravus, Juliana Igniseri, Fatima Thrax, Abbas Thrax, Castiel Thrax, Calarian Wyrmguard, Wash Kennex, Donovan Grayson, Galen Thrax, Albion Grayson, Nicholaus Grayson, John Grayson
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Black, half-braided, long hair a sharp and smoothly symmetrical face. Eyes as silver as the lightning bolts that pierce the sky are set almost seductively within their sockets, carrying a charm that makes him rather easy to look at. A scar reaching from just over his right eye finds it's length across his eyebrow and over his eye lids, finding an end at his cheekbone. A wound that carries a harsh lesson. His smile is perfect, but it carries with it a deep intensity.

He is tall and musclar, with broad shoulders adding to his already impressive physicality. On his body, he wears a host of tribal-looking tattoos that reflect the scales of a serpent, namely along his arms and sides.

He's almost always wearing armor and carries a sword at his side. Seems he's ready for quite the scrap at just a moments notice.


Leonidas is, by characteristics only, an aggressive and intense person. He treats everything like a battlefield. But, at the same time, he's jovial, witty, and always enjoys drinking everyone under the table when he can. He's loud to the point of being obnoxious and he's brave to the point of being stupid.

Inwardly, he's calculating, compassionate, and he bears the qualities of a leader. If you ask him to make the hard decision, he will.


Prince Leonidas Thrax was born to Draco Thrax and Evelyn Grayson in their home. Born as the second oldest child after Lilith, Leonidas was perhaps the most brash and socially aggressive of his siblings. He always got into heated arguments and often times solved them with his commanding presence or with the age-old Thraxian tradition of punching someone else in the face. Nevertheless, when he came of age, Leonidas immediately set out to the seas to seek his oppurtunity in the world.

Since, Gods know, he hated being handed //anything//. He had to earn it. He wanted to earn it. And he did earn it. Pillaging many ships at sea and earning some amount of renown, Leonidas never quite found love or anyone to end his slight degree of loneliness. But, to steal a sailor from the sea is a heinous crime indeed.

Alas, now 26 years old and an experienced captain on the high seas and in commanding his ragtag motley crew, Leonidas returns to the Compact, hoping to bring honor to his House as a Prince of Thrax.

Oh, the adventures yet to come!