Ciro Seraceni

Ciro Seraceni
Social Rank 5
Fealty Pravus
House Seraceni
Gender Male
Age 26
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Courtier
Height average height
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Gray
Skintone Olive
Parents Isabella Pravus, Armando Seraceni
Siblings Appolonia Seraceni
Uncles/Aunts Alarys Grayson, Paolo Seraceni, Celia Pravus, Vincenzo Seraceni, Ahriman Grayson
Cousins Sabella Grayson, Lou Grayson, Reese Grayson, Dario Seraceni, Prisila Seraceni, Dio Seraceni, Ophira Seraceni
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He is of average height, with confident posture, and a devious gleam in his gray eyes. His form is lean, and, in spite of his natural olive complexion, its fairer shade suggests he spends far less time in the sun than most of the members of his family. His face is angular, and his straight black hair generally sweeps languidly away from his features. He has a pleasant, full, Lycene-accented voice that is adept at putting those around him at ease, though prone, at times, to excitement and rapidity that can be infectious.


He is a risk taker at his core, and wagers of all kinds thrill him. His moods swing with his fortunes. When he's bust, he's anxious, fast-talking with the sharp edge of desperation to all his actions. When he's flush, he is all charm and confidence, gregarious and generous with coin and compliments. Whatever his circumstances, he is a man who enjoys life, as even when he's low, he never seems to doubt that he's just one risky wager away from Fortune's favor.


Ciro grew up in Ischia mostly wish his mother Isabella. His father passed away from infection while at war with the Argento. As a boy, he was drawn both to the luxurious villas of Setarco and the busy docks and diverse peoples of Ischia.

Like his sister Appolonia, he acquired a good education from various Lycene tutors, and though he showed some aptitude, he never found much joy in abstract studies though he found a great love of music and performance. He sometimes sneaked down to the docks and watched as the sailors rolled dice and played cards for piles of gleaming coins.

As a very young man, Priscila had high hoped that Ciro might prove a diplomat, but the young man had a greater interest in the daughter of the Farshaw Minister of Income than in trade deals he was meant to negotiate. Returning to Ischia without having proved himself, and labeled a wastrel by his family, Ciro continued to drink and game throughout Morisco, and Arx.

In this very state, however, Ciro, having lost a great deal of coin in a high stakes wager, was returning through the Lowers in Arx, where he overheard the formation of a scheme to steal a good amount of Pravosi goods from the harbor. Using the last of his coins to pay a cabin boy for the full story, Ciro wrote a missive to Lady Viviana, and saved the House several hundred thousand silver when the plot was foiled.

Having proved his loyalty and a capacity for acquiring valuable information, Ciro was encouraged by Dio to put his inclinations in further service to his House by joining the Whisper House. He also joined the Golden Hart, and has often been seen gaming with many of the peers of the Compact. Later, he found his way to Gianna Whisper's Bard's College, where his flair for the dramatic and musical talents infused with the styles of Ischia and Eurus have found him in good company.