House Pravus
Head(s) of House Belladonna Pravus
Voice(s) Viviana Pravus, Sudara Pravus
Kingdom Lyceum
Liege Velenosa
Words Cunning is no sin, a foolish ideal is no virtue.
Sigil A swatch of silk wrapped around an iron gauntlet.
Nickname Sins

Few houses have as dark a reputation as House Pravus and that is precisely how they like it. Few scandals ever do them any significant harm, as it is only to be expected from libertines, and the house clearly decided a long time ago it was better to be feared than loved. The occasional ruler of House Pravus will attempt to reform their name, but most simply embrace how they are perceived- a dangerously cunning house that will stop at nothing to achieve their own ends.


CharacterTitleAgeGenderCharacter Status
Adrienne Pravus26FemaleActive
Allegra Pravus21FemaleActive
Althea Pravus27FemaleActive
Amaranth Pravus24FemaleActive
Amerigo Pravus30MaleRoster
Arianna Pravus24FemaleActive
Aurelia Pravus22FemaleActive
Belladonna Pravus28FemaleActive
Bridget Pravus20FemaleActive
Camilla Pravus26FemaleRoster
Cassius Pravus25MaleActive
Celeste Pravus22FemaleActive
Elonso Pravus22MaleActive
Gabriella Pravus26FemaleActive
Galatea Pravus24FemaleActive
Giuliano Pravus26MaleActive
Graziella Pravus20FemaleActive
Juliana Pravus24FemaleActive
Lexir Pravus30MaleActive
Lianne Pravus25FemaleActive
Lucrezia Pravus24FemaleActive
Lyonis Pravus33MaleActive
Marena Pravus24FemaleRoster
Matteo Pravus32MaleActive
Mimi Pravus20FemaleActive
Nicia Pravus24FemaleActive
Noelle Pravus21FemaleActive
Patrizio Pravus30MaleActive
Renata Pravus25FemaleActive
Sebastian Pravus28MaleActive
Selucia Pravus19FemaleActive
Sudara Pravus41FemaleActive
Valencia Pravus22FemaleActive
Valentina Pravus29FemaleActive
Vanora Pravus21FemaleActive
Viviana Pravus33FemaleActive
Zacharie Pravus56MaleActive


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Leonel Inverno