Ahriman Grayson

Ahriman Grayson
Social Rank 3
Fealty Grayson
House Grayson
Gender Male
Age 49
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Admiral
Height short
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Skintone Caucasian
Parents Giovanna Pravus
Siblings Isabella Pravus
Cousins Alaric III, Alaricia Grayson, Alarrion Grayson, Kellan Grayson, Matilda Grayson, Elysia Grayson, Cassandra Grayson, Alari Grayson, Rodric Grayson, Alarius Grayson, Rician Grayson, Tiberias Grayson, Martellus Grayson, Evelyn Grayson, Aberforth Grayson
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Ahriman Grayson is a pale figure that stands six feet tall. He appears to be in his late forties and he keeps his beard and hair long.vvThe dark strands are well cared for and add an almost stern countenance to his visage. His body is thin and a little gaunt but his frame suggests he was once more able and muscular; his body was clearly very able to support a more athletic and mobile build once upon a time. The man's movements come with a limp and he keeps most of his body covered save his face. He often wears high collars and other fashionable choices that hide his neckline from view. He strikes an imposing and authoritarian figure when he wants to do so.


Towards his family Prince Ahriman was known as a loving father and husband. Among the extended family he was amiable but less open. And to those not in his close circle he could be seen as cold if not a bit distant. Now that he is returned from many trials and tribulations the man seems a little more cold and distant. Perhaps reuniting with his family will thaw him from his ordeal.


Ahriman Pravus (married Grayson) was born the fourth sibling and he was a long way from inheritance of the Pravus leadership which meant outside of treachery he was never going to sniff much significance with Setarco and it seemed he was destined to be marriage fodder. Ahriman was left to find his way through military conquest and focused on the sea. A cunning man he was seen as ambitious om his pursuit of sailing; yet perhaps lacking in the Lyceum manner of doing whatever it takes to move upwards within the ranks. He quickly found himself captain upon the High Seas and earned a small measure of prominence through his exploits and leadership. By his siblings and family he was seen as a distant threat due to his familial loyalty and nature. He was never seen as possessing the cunning treacherous aspirations stereotyped within the Lyceum.

When Ahriman was married off (sight unseen) to Princess Alarys Grayson the marriage was a suitable match for him. Ahriman married up due to the need of the Grayson fleet of capable commanders. Secondarily the marriage would help tie and improve relations between the Lyceum (and their massive fleets) and the Grayson family. And when viewed through the lenses of Thraxian instability and rebellion that left the seas volatile and unruly; the marriage was a perfect opportunistic match of the time. And so he was content to marry up and the man found himself enjoying his newfound family and position.

Ahriman showed his prowess at sea and as he sailed and led Grayson ships to war the man earned notoriety and was seen as a great rising commander whose sights were set upon command and control of the Grayson fleet.

At home his marriage blossomed and the birth of his first daughter (Lou Grayson) and concluding with his third and youngest daughter (Reese Grayson). All of whom favored their mother's lighter complexion. He was a firm yet caring father full of energy and warmth to his children and his family. He grew to love his wife very deeply. Ahriman was far more reserved outside of this circle behind closed doors and was perceived at times to be a bit cold and firm in his person outside of his closed circle. He was very much a firm authoritarian in his personality when removed from the presence of the joys in his life.

Ahriman was next in line to inherit the Grayson fleet when he sailed out with a small number of ships on a searcg mission into Abandoned waters in 994 AR in search of the lost Alaric III. The small contingent of vessels never returned and many considered Prince Ahriman Grayson a casualty caught up in either a victim of piracy or having been lost to violent storms that were reported in the area.

No word of the presumed dead Prince surfaced for many years until recently. Rumors began in late 1009 AR of a man found many leagues into Abandoned and Gyre waters that capture a barely sailable skiff and found refuge in Lyceum waters near Setarco. Weak, gaunt, and barely alive he was taken to the Mercy's where he was nourished back to health until only recently did he regain consciousness. That man has identified himself as Prince Ahriman Grayson. He remembers little or nothing of what happened seventeen years ago on his voyage. His life the last seventeen years was spent as a slave in Abandoned lands he recalls well. It was not until disease wiped out his captors (one his Arx immunities saved him from) that he found and eventually won his freedom. The layers of scars and whip marks upon his flesh validate much of his claim along with the clear aged deformation around his throat due to his slave collar.

Now Prince Ahriman has returned to Arx to see what became of his daughters, his wife, and his Grayson family. He has been reported to be distant and if not a little troubled from his ordeal but mostly of sound mind and body. His physical prowess though has waned given his captivity and torment.