Malvici Military Organization

Calypso - Duchess and General. In charge of most military operations, political and social aspects of the family.

Eirene - Hadrian, Calypso and Gio's aunt on their mother's side. Commander. In charge of the military's Medical Unit. Personal sigil is a vulture. Unit sigil is a firebird. Reports to Calypso

Fiora - Calypso's cousin - Skirmish leader. Reports to Calypso


Eos - Former Baron of the Saikland Greens. RIP.

Kima - Baroness of the Saikland Greens - Eos' sister. Sword of Southport. Reports to Hadrian/Calypso

Arcelia - Voice of Saik

Orazio - Eos' uncle. Legate of Concepts.

Estaban - Arcelia's brother.

Karadoc - The favorite. (Or, conversely, the Stray).


Saedrus - Owner/Manager of the Grotto, Eos' attache

Leola - Animal trainer/forester. Reports to Kima

Costas - Malvici retainer. Reports to Calypso