Thea Malvici

Thea Malvici
Social Rank 4
Fealty Velenosa
House Malvici
Gender Female
Age 22
Religion Panthenon
Vocation Medic
Height 5'7"
Hair Color Soft Brown
Eye Color Gold-Flecked Green
Skintone Lightly Bronzed
Parents Callo Malvici, Palania Malvici
Siblings Domonico Magnotta, Martino Malvici
Uncles/Aunts Wendy Malvici
Cousins Dora Malvici
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There is a clear softness to the features of Thea’s face. The slight roundness of her cheeks come not from any fat, but the unblemished skin of youth. Expressive gold-flecked green eyes look out on the world with a dash of curiosity, but there lies behind them a devious streak of troublemaker and a stroke of indifference towards matters that either do not interest her, or not Malvici. Her hair is a soft brown colour, wavy over her shoulders but usually plated back from her forehead to the back of her head. A small, snub nose and delicate chin, gives her the feminine features typically found in the Malvici family. A voice that flits, naturally chatty, accompanies her while not on the battlefield.

Thea’s body is toned, youthful, but toned from her training and maintaining herself for any moment when the medic may be called into action. In everything she does, she embodies the determination and willful stubbornness of someone who will get it done and pull her fallen comrades from the line.

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When you are born nearly ten years away from your eldest brother, you have to learn a lot on your own, and you have to work hard. There is an air of determination about Lady Thea that tells you she knows her goals and wants to take them. Yet she is the youngest of the Malvici siblings which leaves her sometimes seeming naive.

Being her father's favourite had her doted upon up all the way through life until his passing, so she has been given luxuries and treats causing some in her youth to call her spoilt. To her, she is not. She worked hard for these and had to listen to Domonico talk about ships and Martino about books for enough hours to earn every single one. She is stern and will express her views which can lead to her having a temper bubbling up if unchecked - she is not used to being told no.

There is an air of youthful playfulness and trouble about her. Still young, she has played a few pranks in Southport that got her in a lot of trouble, but now tries to laugh them off. It's their fault they put on the armour before checking it for thorns. She didn't have to tell them.

Mostly though she is proud of her heritage, of the Malvici and Lyceum. For her, it's House Malvici after all. The House of Glory. The House of War.


The younger than both the Malvici brothers, Martino and Domonico, and arriving as surprise for their father Callo. Thea's upbringing was a mothering of doting affection from her father. As with all Malvici children, Thea was taught how to hold a sword in her right and a shield in her left. Deft on her feet, Thea was quick to avoid the strike and return her own. She served proudly in her compulsory service, using techniques she had learned from her brother in both martial and social terms. She possessed a keen mind and would do extra studies to improve her skills.

After a skirmish between her unit and some Shav raiders left a couple of her comrades dead due to injuries which were not treated in time, she realised she could do more than just fight. After all they had lost all the training and experience of those soldiers and she regretted that needless waste. According to her father's last wishes to not see his only daughter in battle, her mother supported and financed her to join Physician's Guild to learn more in order to become a battlefield surgeon. Here, Thea excelled and on successfully completing her medical education, joined the Malvici Guard as their medic.

Experienced in a fight, but knew a battlefield, she has finished her schooling and travelled to Arx to meet her brothers again and prove herself to Malvici.