Freja Redrain

Freja Redrain
Social Rank 3
Fealty Redrain
House Redrain
Gender Female
Age 21
Religion Shamanism
Vocation Soldier
Height 6'2"
Hair Color Chestnut
Eye Color Somber Brown
Skintone Ivory
Parents Torrud Redrain
Siblings Fergus Redrain, Anze Malvici
Uncles/Aunts Drea Redrain, Torix Redrain, Vigsi Redrain, Bjerarg Redrain, Sherrod Redrain
Cousins Darren Redrain, Deva Velenosa, Hildegard Redrain, Kieran Redrain, Rohkir Redrain, Bradan Redrain, Vallen Redrain, Jaromir Redrain
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Impish and fierce, Freja is an effortless beauty that carries herself with an air of cold, methodical strength. There is a certain precison to the movements of her tall and willowy frame, not a single gesture wasted as she seems to be always alert. Her sharp, somber brown eyes rove steadily beneath impossibly thick lashes. Unruly chestnut curls contrast wonderfully against her ivory skin, free from freckles or blemish save for a small scar that intersects her right eyebrow. Her demeanor is one of brisk business, though her rare and heartbreaking smile quickly dissipates any chill with its genuine warmth.

Upon her right forearm, all along the underside, Freja bears a tattoo of intricate whorls, lines, and dots - all of varying arrangement and thickness. There are two symbols, as well, one at either end of the oblong length of it. Near her elbow, a bold but modestly sized X, and further towards the wrist, an angular and inscrutable arrangement of lines and curves, like a rune.

{w({nThree diagonal lines of crimson woad adorn her face, the very distinct marks of Redrain - but more importantly, of 'Torrud's Bloody Brood'.{w){n


At first meeting, Freja more often than not comes across as an ice queen that substitutes gregarious graces with astute, matter-of-fact observations and brisk mannerisms. It is not that she is cold, but rather that she has a low tolerance for what she views as superfluous nonsense. Why say with twenty words what could be done with two? She possesses sharp senses and an even sharper mind, which leaves her little patience for excessive pomp and circumstance. While she can be somber and serious, she has her impish moments peppered with witty remarks and an easy, winsome smile. Past the wintery veneer is a heart that loves fiercely once opened. She will fight ardently for her loved ones and her values to the point that some call her ferocious, others... exhausting.


A woman not made for courtly graces, Princess Freja Redrain has always felt at home in the wilds past Farhaven, prowling the wilds with a talent few can match. While many in House Redrain train for martial prowess, most of those soldiers become knights or commanders, as those of royal blood stand for the leadership for the House and rally all the northlands among them. Princess Freja pursued an entirely different calling. Something about Aunt Drea's teachings on shamanism and the old ways of the Northlands resonated deeply with the young woman, as she was raised on stories of Valeria and other women of cunning and strength and how they survived in the deep wilds. She started to train as a scout, an occupation far more frequent with commoners due to its immense dangers, and the bold and utterly fearless woman has showed little regrets of her choice. On more than once, she's led small, highly capable teams of Redrain soldiers patrolling the deep places where the shav forces hide, and leading nimble forces in dangerous games of cat and mouse agaisnt other stalkers in the wilds. As the daughter of Torrud Redrain, the former Sword of Farhaven and champion of the house, and sister to the current one, a degree of courage is expected from her. But the wild woman takes the fearlessness to a degree that catches enemies of House Redrain offguard, and is utterly relentless in seeing the North is safe and respected.