Hildegard Redrain

Hildegard Redrain
Social Rank 3
Fealty Redrain
House Redrain
Gender Female
Age 18
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Paladin
Height 5'10
Hair Color Silver
Eye Color Crystal Blue
Skintone Smooth Rose-tinged Ivory Skin
Parents Torix Redrain, Celina Halfshav
Siblings Rohkir Redrain, Bradan Redrain, Otakar Redrain, Toste Redrain, Jarel Redrain
Uncles/Aunts Vercyn Halfshav, Ahern Halfshav, Bjerarg Redrain, Torrud Redrain, Sherrod Redrain, Drea Redrain, Vigsi Redrain, Enhilda Halfshav, Caradicco Velenosa
Cousins Darren Redrain, Deva Velenosa, Brianna Halfshav, Kieran Redrain, Fergus Redrain, Arik Halfshav, Freja Acheron, Khanne Halfshav, Anze Malvici, Vallen Redrain, Jaromir Redrain, Gwenna Redrain, Artur Redrain, Sofia Velenosa, Lorenzo Velenosa, Alessandro Velenosa
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Unlike most of her Northman kin, Hildegard exudes an aura of calmness and serenity, a form of tranquility that only the most pious achieve. There is a certain grace to her movements, from the way she walks to simple gestures; each is precise and calculated, indicating a high degree of some type of training. She possesses a sense of purity, both visually and sensory; this young woman, given her appearance, could be the physical manifestation of the frozen North. Her waist-length hair cascades down her shoulders in straight, snowy white tendrils that are thick with volume, framing a heart-shaped face. Crystal blue eyes, brilliant in their coloration, stand out vibrantly against a curtain of black lashes set below dense, arched brows of a dark gray hue. A straight button nose rests in the middle of her face, a countenance that has a patrician cast with soft, full lips.

She is as tall and brawny as some men are, thin yet her frame is toned and defined with muscle. There is a visible strength to this young woman; however, her curvaceous form and hourglass silhouette combine with her winsome features to retain a respectable degree of her femininity. She has a porcelain smooth complexion and nearly just as fair - pale with subtle rosy undertones to create a semblance of warmth. Her voice is smoky but welcoming in tone, however she rarely smiles or laughs, lending to her an air of unapproachability.


A lifetime of interacting with pilgrims has made Hildegard comfortable amongst travelers and peers alike. Often quiet and reserved, and at times driven and consumed with a strange intensity, she's pious and devout, as well. Adherence to a strict lifestyle and personal code may make her seem unapproachable initially, but she strives to embody the tenets of the faith through compassion, chivalry and charity.


The footpaths between the capital city and the north are often treacherous ones, beset by shavs, wildlife and an uninviting climate. It was on one of these paths that Hildegard entered the world, as her parents were escorted by Knights of Solace from Arx to settlements in the north. Trained from a young age to handle the hardships of the region, and raised on stories of valorous acts performed by mighty heroes from all of Arvum, Hildegard's faith in the pantheon grew to be unshakable. Inspired by her childhood experiences Knights, indoctrination into the order provided her with ample opportunity to ferry pilgrims to and from the capital. Oaths originating from the northlands were taken and upheld, and used to temper her conviction.

That very devotion to the pantheon has been tested time and again. The young knight often seems one step behind chaos, no matter where it stems. During times of respite, she's taken self appointed quests that often have her visiting isolated regions of the north, though she's reluctant to discuss the nature of these journeys.