House Redrain
Head(s) of House Darren Redrain
Voice(s) Deva Redrain
Kingdom Northlands
Liege Grayson
Words To the last
Sigil Bear roaring below three red droplets.
Nickname Rains. Bears.

The youngest of the five great houses traces its heritage to the start of the Reckoning, when the barbarian queen Valeria united the warring northern tribes and defeated the dread White Legion of the demonic host at the Battle of Redrain Field before marching south to join the Compact at Arx. House Redrain tenaciously clings to many of the unique customs of the North despite frequent pressure from the southern houses, and has a reputation for barbarism and wanton behavior that is often extremely exaggerated. While many of Redrain's nobles (and especially its vassals) look more like shavs in their leathers and pelts than the refined and courtly nobles of the south, some deliberately cultivate the image of being crude and unrefined to be consistently underestimated in the dangerous political waters of Arx.


CharacterTitleAgeGenderCharacter Status
Agatha Redrain27FemaleActive
Ann Redrain29FemaleActive
Anze Redrain27MaleActive
Artur Redrain25MaleActive
Astraea Redrain21FemaleActive
Baelos Redrain22MaleActive
Bellamy Redrain19FemaleActive
Conall Redrain25MaleActive
Constance Redrain27FemaleActive
Darren Redrain26MaleActive
Deva Redrain21FemaleActive
Donella Redrain28FemaleActive
Drea Redrain48FemaleActive
Echo Redrain18FemaleActive
Elgana Redrain26FemaleActive
Emeric Redrain31MaleActive
Fergus Redrain28MaleActive
Freja Redrain21FemaleActive
Gwenna Redrain25FemaleActive
Helena Redrain24FemaleActive
Hildegard Redrain18FemaleActive
Jarel Redrain21MaleActive
Jaromir Redrain25MaleActive
Kace Redrain30FemaleActive
Kenjay Redrain40MaleActive
Kieran Redrain19MaleActive
Leif Redrain28MaleRoster
Lorenzo Redrain26MaleActive
Marian Redrain36FemaleActive
Nuala Redrain22FemaleActive
Otakar Redrain23MaleActive
Rastifer Redrain30MaleActive
Rawen Redrain22FemaleActive
Tomas Redrain28MaleActive
Toste Redrain25MaleActive
Valencia Redrain22FemaleActive
Vallen Redrain26MaleActive


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