Savio Amadeo

Savio Amadeo
Social Rank 6
Fealty Pravus
House Amadeo
Gender Male
Age 31
Vocation Noble
Height tall
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Skintone Rosy
Parents Gregorio Pontelaeus, Demetra Pontelaeus
Siblings Giorgio Pontelaeus
Uncles/Aunts Rodolphus Pontelaeus
Cousins Cerelia Pontelaeus
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Savio is a tall man but not one of extreme height, leanly built, a languid person who moves like he's being poured from a bottle into a wine glass. His brown hair is seditious, his goatee's a little scruffy, and his eyes are puddle-colored. He talks with his hands, and is always wearing more than three rings. Although his attire is colorful and of a fine quality suggesting a good life, it's constantly in some degree of deshabille that suggests choices were made and they weren't good ones.


Savio struggles with his natural inclination to avoid effort and ambition, paired with a new sense of obligation and responsibility to his people. He is subject to mood swings, and has difficulty balancing highs and lows. Although he can be charming and good-humored, he is slow to truly trust others and keenly feels that he is different from other people.


Born into the exorbitantly rich, Saffron commoner family of Pontelaeus, fortune has always been at Savio's service. However, where it inspired ambition in his brother Giorgio, it bred indolence in his younger brother. None of Savio's projects, aspirations, or ambitions ever seemed to succeed, and plagued by bad luck, he soon learned to stop trying. Why struggle? Why not just enjoy success?

Though he had some martial skill and talent at entertaining, Savio did not share Giorgio's aptitude or interest in the cutthroat social dances and economic mastery that made Pontelaeus what it is. Eventually his bad luck and misfit nature created a series of bitter disagreements with his relatives, and Savio sought to distance himself from the family. He disappeared to other parts of the Saffron Chain, drifting from exotic location to exotic location, getting into and out of trouble, and living a wasteful life that did nothing useful for anyone. But the Pontelaeus family's patience with this wayward son was not infinite, and after almost a decade of tolerating Savio's indulgences and bankrolling his bad luck, they cut him off. Penniless, he was forced to travel to Arx, where he was expected to make himself useful to Giorgio and to the family.

Time in Arx changed some things about Savio, but not all. He remains what most would describe as 'a character,' an eccentric figure who has cultivated a circle of friends and allies of similar uniqueness. He built a reputation as a bard, a skilled performer whose charm and wit could captivate an audience. He even fell in love.

During the recent war against Skal'daja, Savio's beloved home city of Tremorus fell under siege. Losses were heavy, including most of his family as well as Ezmeralda, the ruling Marquessa. Her dying wish was that Savio and his brother be ennobled, and so he found himself a newly-minted lord, expected to conform to the standards of the Compact. The burden of neonobility weighs heavily on him following the devastation of the war, but for the sake of his people, it's one he's doing his best to bear.