Gehenna Redreef

Gehenna Redreef
Social Rank 6
Fealty Thrax
House Redreef
Gender Female
Age 28
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Courtier
Height average height
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Bright Green
Skintone Olive
Parents Dua Redreef, Spencer Warwynd
Siblings Nimue Redreef, Griffin Redreef
Uncles/Aunts Leila Redreef, Paolo Redtyde
Cousins Alina Redreef
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Gehenna Redreef is a woman of average height and ample build. Physically, she looks to be as soft as a pillow, which often leaves people all the more unprepared for her sharp tone of voice. Gehenna speaks clearly and has worked hard to hone her voice into a powerful tool, capable of cutting down opponents or rousing crowds. Her olive complexion tans darker after just a little sun, and the brightness of her green eyes draws attention to her gaze. Her dark hair is wavy and often tied back away from her face. Her typical expression is a pleasant half-smile, that can easily be tilted the one way into a friendly grin, or the other way into an impudent smirk.


Gehenna knows quite well that she has a way with words, and is proud of her talent. She's a true believer in the traditionalist values of the Mourning Isles. She's also a skillful diplomat, so she knows better than to go around starting screaming contests or shoving matches. Her unhappiness with the progressive trends of recent years tends to find release in acid-tongued gallows humor. That, and sometimes turning 'a drink with lunch' into 'multiple drinks with lunch.'


Gehenna hails from what could be called the 'very traditionalist' branch of the Redreef family tree. She embraced this identity from a young age, far moreso than either of her two siblings.

When Baron Landis Redreef died, and his brother Tiberius's claim to the Barony was challenged by Landis's daughters, Ember and Marina, Gehenna was a young woman freshly arrived in Arx. She had excelled in what the Mourning Isles saw as 'women's work' -- administration and diplomacy. Through that talent and her family connections, she had secured a plum role as a diplomatic representative of Redreef Shores in Arx. She was quite certain that Tiberius would make short work of Landis's unruly daughters, that tradition would be upheld, and that things would all go back to normal very quickly. Gehenna was so certain of it, in fact, that she said as much to anyone who asked.

The conflict between Tiberius and the daughters of Landis was a long, grueling one, and one that Tiberius eventually lost, after Ember slew his champion in a duel to the death. With Ember firmly established as Baroness, it was more than just an embarrassment to Gehenna -- it was the loss of her job. Gehenna was recalled to Redreef Shores, and since she had been so vocal in her support of Tiberius, she was effectively kicked back down to the bottom of the administrative ladder.

As the years passed and Redreef steadily became one of the Mourning Isles' most progressive Houses, Gehenna was aghast. However, that displeasure with the new status quo only fueled her. She worked harder and pushed herself to be more clever than the rest, and climbed back up to the position she once held. Now, having returned to Arx after years away, she is once again a diplomat in the service of Redreef Shores. As she sets foot in the city again, the Mourning Isles is caught between tradition and progressivism, and Gehenna knows which side she'll try to tilt things toward.