House Thrax
Head(s) of House Victus Thrax
Voice(s) Donella Thrax
Kingdom Mourning Isles
Liege Grayson
Words Tears in our wake, never at our wake.
Sigil A blood-red wake widening behind a sea serpent.
Nickname Sea serpents

After the complete destruction of House Marin during the Reckoning, it did not take much time for House Thrax to assert their dominance over the Saffron Chain and all of the Mourning Isles and claim all of the isles in the eastern seas as their own. Warlike and aggressive, the seaborn reavers of House Thrax have warred against every other great house in the Compact at some time or another, and even staged a violent overthrow of House Grayson during the Crownbreaker Wars for the short-lived Thrax Dynasty. However little House Thrax is liked, they command respect and fear due to their overwhelming power at sea, which in turn has made them traditional allies of House Velenosa due to the latter's great degree of seaborne shipping.


CharacterTitleAgeGenderCharacter Status
Abbas Thrax24MaleActive
Alarissa Thrax40FemaleActive
Alecstazi Thrax33MaleActive
Caith Thrax22FemaleActive
Cassima Thrax28FemaleRoster
Castiel Thrax25MaleActive
Catriona Thrax19FemaleActive
Coraline Thrax19FemaleActive
Dagon Thrax22MaleActive
Denica Thrax22FemaleActive
Dominic Thrax34MaleActive
Donella Thrax25FemaleActive
Donrai Thrax65MaleActive
Eric Thrax23MaleActive
Fatima Thrax28FemaleActive
Galen Thrax28MaleActive
Gideon Thrax35MaleActive
Jasher Thrax30MaleActive
Klaus Thrax27MaleActive
Leona Thrax26FemaleActive
Leonidas Thrax26MaleActive
Lustry Thrax21FemaleActive
Merida Thrax22FemaleActive
Natasha Thrax29FemaleActive
Nix Thrax34MaleActive
Raimon Thrax30MaleRoster
Remi Thrax25MaleActive
Rien Thrax30MaleActive
Romulius Thrax30MaleActive
Seva Thrax23FemaleActive
Sorrel Thrax27FemaleActive
Sylvi Thrax31FemaleActive
Tyrus Thrax40MaleActive
Valerius Thrax23MaleActive
Vega Thrax30FemaleRoster
Victus Thrax41MaleActive
Wyatt Thrax33MaleActive