Edith Foxwood

Edith Foxwood
Social Rank 7
Fealty Grayson
House Foxwood
Gender Female
Age 31
Vocation Priest
Height average height
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Skintone Fair
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Other than large, muddy-hazel eyes and expressive eyebrows, there's not that much that stands out about Edith. She's got dark brown hair that falls well past her shoulders when not bound back, thick and a little wavy. Her skin's fair like so many others, with a splash of faint freckles. She's not particularly tall, and while her build is fairly athletic she's also slender.


In a word, Edith is jaded. She's seen a lot in her life, and while some of it is wonderous and fulfilling, so very much more of it is tragic and heartbreaking. She's tired, but she's determined to keep going and do what she can to help. Tired and tireless, somehow. Enduring as the ancient trees of the Grey Forest, willing to shelter and protect those in need.


Unsurprisingly, Edith grew up in a small town outside Bastion-- near a particular patch of forest known for housing plenty of foxes. Her family was hunters and trappers for generations, doing the quiet work of commoners. Their furs and meats were sold to merchants, and the family rarely saw cause to go to the bigger towns and cities. They were content in the woods. Edith joined the discipleship of Petrichor as young as she could, diving head first into the work expected of her.

The Silent War tore almost everything from her. Edith's entire family was wiped out when the Silent Army swept towards Arx, and she immediately swore herself to the Gods and the Faith. She's been serving ever since, moving wherever she's needed without hesitation or complaint. There's no longer a reason for her to stay in the woods outside Bastion, and after the fall of that great city and reclamation, she's finally found herself in Arx.