Clover Farshaw

Clover Farshaw
Social Rank 4
Fealty Valardin
House Farshaw
Gender Female
Age 26
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Ranger
Height average height
Hair Color White Gold
Eye Color Bright Green
Skintone Tanned
Parents Damien Wyrmguard
Siblings Reiker Wyrmguard, Sorrel Thrax, Alexandre Redtyde
Uncles/Aunts Frances Wyrmguard, Karine Wyrmguard, Antoinette Wyrmguard
Cousins Lisebet Ashford, Armand Farshaw, Elsbetta Farshaw, Alban Farshaw, Esra Wyrmguard, Thorley Farwatch, Tescelina Wyrmguard, Sunaia Malespero, Killian Ashford, Avary Ashford, Addison Ashford, Ciaran Farshaw, Emberly Crovane
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Not a tall woman, Clover manages to be petite and curvaceous at the same time. What might have been an athletic frame is instead soft and voluptuous, her hourglass curves giving her the ideal feminine figure. Evergreen eyes sparkle with a bright spark of intelligence and warmth. Her smiles are wide and easily given. Long white-gold hair is often done up in a Valardin style: braids or buns, with colorful ribbons mixed into the golden locks.


Clover is a young woman of broad smiles and hapless positivity. She's entirely too clumsy but at ease with it. She's full of laughter and bright smiles. Rarely does anything bring her down. Even if she's just ruined another dress, or lost her shoe to a mud puddle-- nothing gets her down.


Clover Wyrmguard was born to Annaliese and Damien Wyrmguard, a lesser branch of the family; distant cousins. She's the youngest of her particular branch. One of her older siblings is quite good with a sword, another with a spear. She decided she wanted to take the bow and arrow as a young child... unfortunately she is not blessed with grace. If there is anything that Clover is not is graceful. She's broken more bones in her life than either of her more combatant siblings-- just from falling off of things. Her parents put her into dancing lessons once and she ended up breaking her instructors nose AND her own arm.

She does, however, love to be outside. Even if it means she's probably going to cause herself some amount of harm. She's also been the type to be outside; growing up in Blancbier this meant being outside of the cities walls either in the mountains or out in the forest. She's got a deft hand with dealing with the less combat-centric aspects of being outdoors; she knows well what is safe to eat, how to navigate a forest, and how to handle an animal.

Growing up in Blancbier also meant that she had some training in medicine which led to her joining the Mercies of Lagoma.

Her early twenties saw her married to Duke Ryhalt Farshaw of Westrock Reach. It was considered a positive political move for Wyrmguard and Farshaw, strengthening both houses through their mercantile connections. From there she settled nicely into the role of Duchess-Consort, a bright and positive addition to the duchy.

She grew from a haphazard girl to a strong and mature woman, her skill with the bow increased, as did her interest in medicine. Since her joining Westrock she's come to be known for her prowess in the field and her innate understanding of the wilderness of the isles she's now come to oversee and love.