House Bisland
Head(s) of House Michael Bisland
Voice(s) Mia Riven
Kingdom Crownlands
Liege Grayson
Words We win glory.
Sigil roaring yellow lion on a gray field.
Nickname Lions.

The oldest and most steadfast of House Grayson's vassals, it is said that no ruling Duke or Duchess of House Bisland has ever betrayed the trust of their liege lord. From their seat at Pridehall, the powerful ducal house often acts as House Grayson's strong right hand in war and has done much to keep the threat of shavs or other great houses contained through the centuries.


CharacterTitleAgeGenderCharacter Status
Dariel Bisland21MaleActive
Gabriel Bisland52MaleActive
Gloriel Bisland20FemaleRoster
Iona Bisland46FemaleRoster
Jophiel Bisland26MaleActive
Kaia Bisland22FemaleActive
Lailah Bisland25FemaleActive
Lili Bisland18FemaleActive
Michael Bisland26MaleActive
Othuze Bisland28MaleActive
Rafael Bisland37MaleActive
Rayne Bisland18MaleActive
Raziel Bisland47MaleActive
Sabitha Bisland43FemaleRoster
Samael Bisland45MaleRoster
Sarielle Bisland19FemaleActive
Selah Bisland21FemaleActive
Ulysses Bisland28MaleActive
Zoey Bisland19FemaleActive


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