Lisebet Farshaw

Lisebet Farshaw
Social Rank 4
Fealty Valardin
House Farshaw
Gender Female
Age 20
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Courtier
Height 5'
Hair Color Raven
Eye Color Pale Blue
Skintone Pale
Parents Edgar Farshaw, Marceline Farshaw
Siblings Ryhalt Farshaw, Armand Farshaw, Elsbetta Farshaw
Uncles/Aunts Emmeline Farshaw, Warwick Farshaw
Cousins Thorley Farwatch, Alban Farshaw
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Tiny and raven haired Lady Lisebet packs a lot of personality into a small package. Her eyes are a pale blue that shine with some inner warmth and are framed by equally dark lashes. Her mouth is wide and her lips often curled half way up in a mysterious, knowing smile that suggests a hint of smugness. She stands five-foot-nothing in her stocking feet and is equally slender. Raven hair falls to mid-back in gentle waves, often left down save for a few strands to keep it back from her face.


At first blush Lady Lisebet comes across much like one of those porcelain dolls they make for children; beautiful but functionally useless. She's seems impractical and unskilled. Though with a sweet voice and upon second glance with a sweet enough disposition. Kind, thoughtful, and generous when given the chance to be so, she's a nice person. Loyal and devouted to her house. Not many see beneath that first impractical impression, those that do see the kindness she exhibits, and only a rare few notice the gleam of calculation that sometimes alights in her eyes.


Lisebet Farshaw, youngest sister of Ryhalt Farshaw, Duke of Westrock Reach, was never taken very seriously, as her position in the family was never very serious. Much too far down the line to ever be a serious contender for heir to the Duchy, Lisebet's education was never taken very seriously; specifically in things like statecraft or politics or military strategies. Instead her tutors concentrated on her social niceties; her etiquette and manners; her ability to carry on a captivating conversation; her performance talents such a singing and dancing; her knowledge of the courts and the players there. Everything a young lady might need to know in order to survive as a highly successful courtier in Arvum. When she was 16 she was sent off to serve an apprenticeship at court and learned invaluable lessons. Now at 18 she's ready to embark on her next adventures.