Armand Farshaw

Armand Farshaw
Social Rank 4
Fealty Valardin
House Farshaw
Gender Male
Age 24
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Knight
Height 6'4"
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Skintone Tanned
Parents Edgar Farshaw, Marceline Farshaw
Siblings Ryhalt Farshaw, Lisebet Farshaw, Elsbetta Farshaw
Uncles/Aunts Emmeline Farshaw, Warwick Farshaw
Cousins Alban Farshaw
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Tall and darkly handsome, Armand presents an attractive tableau. Broad-shouldered, with the muscular build of a swordsman often fighting beneath plates of steel, he makes for a particularly fit specimen whom nonetheless displays a certain grace of movement, a natural agility closer to cat than a bear. He keeps his jet black hair short, leaving his face clear save for the beard he keeps trimmed short. The effect brings attention to his dark eyes, intense and at times full of mirth, sorrow or fire. His voice, a sensual baritone of bewitching depths, share the same nature. Indeed, Armand can be said to be many things, but empty and cold? Never.


Charming, impulsive, passionate, Armand's character is a wildly unpredictable one, at odds with the moral principals of the Faith's Orthodox branch that he yet follows with remarkable devotion. Indeed, the man is one of contrasts and extremes, with a dangerous temper as violent and sudden as a storm at sea, while also displaying a true and unshakeable faith in the precepts of the Gods and the Compact, willing and ready to die for their ideals. Suspicious of the worship of Tehom, and yet prone to womanizing and drinking, though rarely to excess. An odd one, certainly, and yet, through it all, possessed with the overriding desire to do good, and fight evil, so that others won't have to.


The younger brother of the Duke Ryhalt, Armand was once known as a kind-hearted, generous man, of honest heart and word. Chivalry was an ideal to aspire to, Gloria's teachings a way of life. His faith and devotion were such that more than one assumed he would be taking the vows of the Godsworn, and become a Templar, if familial duty allowed.

These expectations were checked when one tragedy after another struck the Farshaws, and Ryhalt became the unlikely Duke of Westrock Reach. Armand's duty was to stay, and support his brother in his new rule, and hear the call of duty he did, staying till the rising of Brand reached them.

Sent by Ryhalt to aid in the war effort, Armand left his home with the firm intention of doing his brother, family, Compact and Gods proud, and smite the enemies that would see them all destroyed.

It didn't work out as intended.

While Armand was an excellent knight, it didn't make him invincible. An ambush saw him receive grievous wounds that not only brought him low, but sent him in a coma form which he did not wake up from, not even when he was returned to Westrock Reach. It was only through the efforts of the House's doctor, and prayer from the priests, that Armand eventually opened his eyes once more. Weakened, certainly, but healed and whole... mostly.

The long convalescence did not leave him without marks. The trauma of the experience had changed him, turning the idealistic virtuous knight into a fatalistic, reckless man whose impulses led him to laughter or wrath with distressing unpredictability.

His body recovered, but his mind never returned to what it once was, leaving his future and destiny in the murky waters of uncertainty. It is under these circumstances he has come to Arx, accompanying the rest of his family... though whether for duty or on a whim is difficult to ascertain.