House Valardin
Head(s) of House Edain Valardin
Voice(s) Alis Valardin
Kingdom Oathlands
Liege Grayson
Words Steel bends, honor holds.
Sigil White dragon on a blue field.
Nickname White dragons.

Widely considered to be the creators of chivalric ideals and the font of the Faith of the Pantheon, House Valardin has long been seen as paragons of knightly virtue. While the proud and honorable western house eschews the political machinations favored by their rivals in the Lyceum, they nonetheless are a constant force in the Assembly of Peers and through Arx. While not every member of House Valardin meets the high bar set by their ideals, most of the house and all of its vassals strive to be remembered in honor.


CharacterTitleAgeGenderCharacter Status
Alarissa Valardin23FemaleActive
Alis Valardin25FemaleActive
Ardoin Valardin22MaleActive
Astraea Valardin21FemaleActive
Aurelian Valardin22MaleActive
Beaumont Valardin26MaleActive
Caelis Valardin26FemaleActive
Caius Valardin41MaleRoster
Charles Valardin18FemaleActive
Ectorion Valardin24MaleActive
Edain Valardin30MaleRoster
Edwyn Valardin20MaleActive
Fawkuhl Valardin37MaleActive
Fecundo Valardin20MaleActive
Fiachra Valardin26MaleActive
Illisahn Valardin19FemaleActive
Isabeau Valardin23FemaleActive
Isidora Valardin18FemaleActive
Jacque Valardin27MaleActive
Jameson Valardin25MaleActive
Jericho Valardin24MaleActive
Katarina Valardin20FemaleActive
Marian Valardin30FemaleActive
Marisol Valardin18FemaleActive
Mercedes Valardin27FemaleActive
Rook Valardin25MaleActive
Sasha Valardin23FemaleActive
Sirius Valardin19MaleActive
Sophie Valardin23FemaleActive
Talwyn Valardin27MaleActive
Terese Valardin25FemaleActive
Tristram Valardin24MaleActive
Tyren Valardin32MaleActive
Umay Valardin18FemaleActive
Valerion Valardin20MaleActive
Zara Valardin23FemaleActive


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