Kalani Seliki

Kalani Seliki
Social Rank 6
Fealty Grayson
House Seliki
Gender Female
Age 25
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Combat-medic
Height 5'6"
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Skintone Medium
Parents Leilani Seliki
Uncles/Aunts Scythia Seliki, Orrin Seliki, Diane Seliki
Cousins Peri Seliki, Kaldur Crovane
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Waist length hair blonde hair that curls in a riot of coiled springs is swept back from her face in a intricate braid that starts at the crown of her head and is thickly entwined in a clear attempt to keep the wealth of hair contained. Despite the nature of the braid curling wisps of hair escape the thick braid, framing her face. The force of her personality animates her face as she speaks, her expressions and emotions, thoughts and ideas playing across her face in the quirk of an eyebrow, the curve of her lips. Wide brown eyes gaze from beneath delicately arched eyebrows, she has high cheekbones and a pert, almost cute, nose.

{w({nClad in a pale green dress that is tailored from a light weight material, embroidered flowers edge the bodice and hem. Sleeveless, a slender pair of ribbons trace along her shoulders and along her back before tying in a intricate knot at the small of her back. A pair of low heeled sandals are laced to her ankles, the small heel lending a single inch to her height.{w){n


Plucky, stubborn, creative, caring, realistic and quietly a romantic at heart. Those are just some of the ways Kalani would be described, if anyone were to ask at least. Others might describe her as studious, attentive, quiet, shy at times or not particularly socially adept. She isn't anti-social, in fact, she's just shy. Unless she's in the thick of things, then - when and as the need arises - she can be downright bossy, assertive, and commanding. As a healer, there have been times when she's needed to use nothing less than a bellow to make herself heard. As a fighter, she's had to be quiet and swift, or shockingly loud to cause a distraction. Like anyone else, she's a complex mix of emotions, instincts, training and education, cultural and social quirks mixed with political and idealistic leanings.


Kalani is the second born child in the her branch of the Seliki family, Kalani and her siblings are a close knit family unit with all the push and shove, noise and drama, love and chaos that comes with a normal family life. Her mother, one of Orrin Seliki's younger sisters, passed along her love of medicine and healing, from father she gained a love of knowledge. Her focus, her passion, allowed her to focus on her studies and learn as much as she could through the long stream of apprenticeships over the course of her education. In many ways, learning how to fight, in some respects, came as naturally as anything else. But then, being one of four children she knew how to rough and tumble, squabble and fight as a child. Actually learning how to fight, to swim and dive, to climb and balance, to trust herself and above all to respect and love her family, her people, their way of life is part and parcel of the young woman that she is. Some of her earliest memories are set in wind swept beaches, the light and sparkle of the sun reflecting off of the waves, of diving deep and climbing along the cliffs with nothing more than a handhold and sheer plucky gumption to keep her from falling, then bouncing - while screaming - onto the rocks below.

After the recent conflict that resulted in almost all our the fleet being destroyed, and after seeing so many of their people wounded, she has traveled to Arx to seek more training with the healers that are based here. There may come a day when the decks of their ships may run with blood again, and when, if, that day comes, she intends to be prepared to fight - and heal - as the need arises. Plus, if she just so happens to be on hand to keep Peri from bleeding to death, all the better!