Peri Seliki

Peri Seliki
Social Rank 6
Fealty Grayson
House Seliki
Gender Female
Age 28
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Explorer
Height 5'8"
Hair Color Ombre Auburn
Eye Color Golden Hazel
Skintone Pale Olive
Parents Orrin Seliki, Diane Seliki, Scythia Seliki
Siblings Kaldur Crovane
Uncles/Aunts Leilani Seliki
Cousins Kalani Seliki
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A little above average height for a woman, Peri is the kind of graceful that comes from natural athleticism rather than the discipline and training of being a courtier. She bears no tattoos or other marks indicating a Prodigal background, but there's an air of wildness to her, like she has trouble staying in one place for too long. Her eyes are a bright, gleaming hazel set in a pale olive teadrop of a face, with a remarkable mop of hair that falls just past her shoulders. Darkest at the roots, it has a brown-reddish tone that the sun has bleached it in varying degrees until it is almost blonde at the tips. Thick and almost-dreadlock like, it's almost impossible to do much with it, but Peri tries. Sometimes.


Peri is thoughtful, bright and by nature, a seeker. While her brother tends to be adventurous in terms of liking to take risks, Peri's sense of adventure is part of a deep-seated desire to explore. Despite her local culture's aversion to exploring (as it conjures cultural memories for being Thraxian thralls, and invites contact with the great house of the sea), Peri dreams of voyaging across the ocean and discovering new places. There's just one problem - she's her father's heir. Peri loves her family, and so she constrains her desires out of her sense of duty. But even if she is limited in terms of geography, she takes great pleasure in experiencing what is strange and new to her. Peri feels an especially strong affinity for the sea. She looks to the ocean as her means to find new lands, and feels a special affinity to Mangata, a sense that the tide will carry her to where she longs to be.


Peri has grown up in Pearlspire as her father's heir, but for the most part she was always her mother's daughter. Her mother would tell stories of discovery, magical places across the sea and how they had been discovered. Peri's natural curiosity and desire to explore has been something she fears her family will not understand - all save perhaps, her grandmother - especially after her mother's death many years ago. From that time, her affinity for the sea has only grown stronger, and she takes comfort most frequently when in Mangata's shrine.

Growing up, Peri was urged to get in touch with the people, learning the ways of the shore cultures, pearl diving, trawling, fishing and the like. After her mother's death, she dedicated even more time going among the shore cultures and seeing to their needs. Throwing herself into work her mother encouraged her in was one of the ways she dealt with the grief of missing her.

It was years later that she realized she had lost her way as heir by focusing so narrowly on the people of Pearlspire. Since then, she has traveled between Pearlspire and Arx working hard to live up to her ideal of what an heir should be. Her mother always told her fanciful tales of Peri's rule, and she has realized she would like to be a head of house her mother would have been proud of.

Life has been an adventure since that day she looked up from the shores of Pearlspire and back to the horizon again like she did in her youth. She has worked hard for her lieges. Though Pearlspire suffered the loss of many ships against Gyre, she has helped her family build back up from that and looks to even greater things for Pearlspire and the Compact.