House Seliki
Head(s) of House Orrin Seliki
Voice(s) Kalani Seliki, Kaldur Seliki, Peri Seliki
Kingdom Crownlands
Liege Deepwood
Words "Climb High, Dive Deep."
Sigil Three golden ocean waves against a grey background.
Nickname Pearls, Divers

House Seliki's ancestry is rooted in the potential of making something from nothing. Founded by former thralls generations ago, they were granted the land by House Deepwood with the understanding that if they can defend it and make something of it, they had earned it. So they did. When thralls manage to safely make the distance between the Maelstrom and the shore, it is House Seliki that is the first to welcome them and help them integrate into their newfound freedom. They take their duties as guardians of the shore quite seriously, and while they also tend to be industrious, in most other matters they are very relaxed. They save the burdens of stress and anxiety for when they are called for to use that energy for the task at hand. They can often seem almost too relaxed when it comes to those who don't understand their point of view, but when the time comes for seriousness, whether in matters of politics, war, or industry, their focus is razor sharp.


CharacterTitleAgeGenderCharacter Status
Aonghus Seliki25MaleActive
Kalani Seliki25FemaleActive
Kaldur Seliki24MaleActive
Lise Seliki19FemaleActive
Maru Seliki63MaleActive
Morgan Seliki21MaleActive
Oona Seliki65FemaleRoster
Orrin Seliki47MaleActive
Peri Seliki28FemaleActive
Scythia Seliki21FemaleActive