Estelle Blackram

Estelle Blackram
Social Rank 7
Fealty Crown
"Crown" is not in the list of possible values (Velenosa, Redrain, Valardin, Grayson, Crownsworn, Thrax, Pravus) for this property.
House Blackram
Gender Female
Age 20
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Priest
Height tall
Hair Color Bright Red
Eye Color Gray-blue
Skintone Pale
Parents Anders Blackram
Uncles/Aunts Fitzwilliam Blackram, Rogar Blackram, Rufus Blackram, Sildra Blackram, Ansgar Blackram, Liara Blackram
Cousins Gustave Blackram, Teagan Blackram, Gaston Blackram, Charlemagne Charon, Cahal Lyonesse, Emlyn Blackram, Ivy Blackram
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Towering and slender, but with curves proportional to her body, this woman with shoulder-length scarlet hair in loose waves is almost impossible to miss in a crowd. Her facial features are soft yet kind, from heavy-lidded, almond-shaped pewter gray-blue eyes to a rounded jawline below. A light dusting of freckles dots across her pale skin, a result of spending more time indoors and out, and she walks with a calm and poised grace.


An aura of soothing patience surrounds this woman. Her features are often relaxed into a placid expression, though smiling appears to come naturally to her. Rarely one to raise her voice, it is more frequent that she is listening quietly to the plights of others thanks to a sincere interest in their well-being. Despite her physical size, she seems far more likely to try and blend in with a room as best she can.


Estelle grew up a quiet girl, often keeping to herself and the occasional book that she was able to procure for perusal. As much as the cousin of the noble Blackram family enjoyed the indoors, she was hardly blind to the beauty of the surrounding wild lands. Often she could be found alone either atop a tower or among the tall trees near the keep. These excursions were particularly common during the transitional seasons of Autumn and Spring, giving her the chance to observe the many little changes nature wrought during such times. It wasn't until she was older that the young woman was brought nearer the aftermath of the frequent raids upon her family's lands upon her request. Driven by curiosity regarding the frequent skirmishes at the borders, Estelle couldn't bear to see the wounded soldiers in pain and did what little she could to help. Frustrated at her own unlearned skill, she turned her studies towards remedying that gap and even turning it into a focus. Finding a calling in easing the ailments of others as well as her fondness for observing changes ultimately culminated in her swearing to serve the Gods above all others, and Lagoma's service in particular. Still rather new to the Mercies, she is no stranger to orthodoxy given the militarism she grew up within, even if it never really took ahold of her own heart.