Emlyn Blackram

Emlyn Blackram
Social Rank 5
Fealty Valardin
House Blackram
Gender Male
Age 27
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Noble
Height 6'2"
Hair Color Red Blonde
Eye Color Cerulean
Skintone Pale Ivory
Parents Rogar Blackram, Liara Blackram
Siblings Cahal Blackram
Uncles/Aunts Anders Blackram, Fitzwilliam Blackram, Rufus Blackram, Sildra Blackram, Ansgar Blackram
Cousins Gustave Blackram, Teagan Blackram, Gaston Blackram, Estelle Blackram, Charlemagne Charon
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Lithe and lean, Emlyn is not the picture of a great Northern warrior - or a great Blackram warrior, for that matter. He is still athletic and sinewy but his body type speaks of speed and agility rather than sheer muscle power. Messy waves of golden red sweep down across his forehead, usually brushed and coifed - even if it doesn't look that way by the end of the day. His features are relatively easy going, with a generous smile that spreads to the cerulean blue eyes.


Emlyn is forever curious - and he thinks deeply. A subject can consume him for days, hours, weeks, unable to rest until he knows everything about it. He reads books until the spines are cracked and bent, the pages near to being all but torn out, with his own notes written about the page margins and wherever else they'll fit. He is serious, but that doesn't mean he's always serious; laughter and smiles seem to come almost easily to him when in the right setting. He is warm, kind, and eager to fit in where he can - but make no mistake, he is also very ambitious and his goals aren't easily tampered with.


Raised in the Northlands largely, Emlyn was born to a Northern baroness and a Blackram lord. He was the runt of the litter in his family, so to speak, and he never grew as strapping or muscular as his brothers - let alone his sisters. All in all, that never stopped him from running and playing hide and seek. Some reckoned he was the best as it. It was his love of finding places to hide, as well as his mother's encouragement to explore the wild that led to his career as a scout.

What led to his career as a scholar was growing ill one winter - a winter that he nearly did not make it back from. He was close to being on the other side, and his mother proclaimed him touched by the Spirits. His father said that was poppycock (though not in front of his mother) and peppered the boy's recovery with books of every subject. Emlyn's desire to learn every nook and cranny of everything impressed his father.

While his brothers and sisters were off fighting great battles, it was Emlyn who was scouting for them, assessing threats, studying enemy tactics and the wilderness around them, and calling upon the Spirits and Gods alike for their blessings and help.

Emlyn has come to the city in hopes of rejoining his Blackram family and seeing about his societal debut; with most of his brothers and sisters married off, there is slight pressure from the family to do the same - though Emlyn is more curious about what knowledge and mysteries the city has to offer rather than the dating pool.