Cahal Lyonesse

Cahal Lyonesse
Social Rank 5
Fealty Valardin
House Lyonesse
Gender Male
Age 32
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Investigator
Height tall
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Green
Skintone Tanned
Parents Rogar Blackram, Liara Blackram
Siblings Emlyn Blackram, Ivy Blackram
Uncles/Aunts Anders Blackram, Fitzwilliam Blackram, Rufus Blackram, Sildra Blackram, Ansgar Blackram
Cousins Gustave Blackram, Teagan Blackram, Gaston Blackram, Abigail Lyonesse, Rymarr Deepwood, Anabelle Lyonesse, Dormire Lyonesse, Estelle Blackram, Jenessa Lyonesse, Marcorr Lyonesse, Charlemagne Charon, Razija Lyonesse
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Tall and broad, Cahal has a powerful frame packed with the lean muscles that can only be earned through constant physical activity. There are hints in the skin about those green eyes that crinkle so readily with good humour and the grooves in his cheeks which deepen with every smile that say that his smile is easy and often. And what a smile it is. It always seems to start on the right, deepening a dimple there in that cheek, before the left decides to come along for the ride. Dark stubble often roughens the strong line of his jaw, although it is obvious that he at least attempts to keep clean shaven, and his dark brown hair tumbles in a cascade of jaw length, wavy, locks which seem to constantly want to get in his face.


Cahal's a man of layers. Outside the family, amongst those he's not really sure about, he's an outgoing, boisterous and rather loud man with a penchant for telling unbelievable stories. Everyones friend he's quick to laugh, hard to anger and oftentimes viewed as being interested in nothing but the pleasures of the moment. But his loved ones get to see more. Behind the bluster there is reliable man with a deep deep core of loyalty and a willingness to go through hell for his kin. Patient, with a critical eye that catches a lot of details others would miss, he has the ability to play a long game.


One of several Blackrams born off a vibrantly healthy branch of the family tree, Cahal is a middle child in a brood of half a dozen. It made him what he is. Where a smaller family might have allowed him to be quiet and reserved his rambunctious kin forced him into a rough and tumble world where being quiet saw you getting overlooked. He's glad for it. When he tries to imagine what it would be like to grow up without being smothered in brotherly fights, family hugs and so much love you were like to drown it makes him feel kind of sad.

He was groomed to take part in the endless fights up on the Cloudspine, much like his siblings, but whilst he's got a good enough arm with a sword its never been where he truly shone. Soon he was being sent to scout with small groups, or even alone, instead of joining the fighting units but as he grew in experience the nobles around him realised something important. Whilst he wasn't a bad tracker where he truly excelled was in places where people were a major part of the puzzle. If there was a suspicious death in one of the villages - Cahal could usually wrangle out the story.

Who better than a man that shone with people to support the family in the big city? Once his talents were noticed they were nurtured but there isnt much that can be taught in this field without experience. And so, on his twentieth birthday, it was decided that he should go ahead and start his path.