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Kedehern Laurent
Age 29  +
Background Kedehern was born the youngest son of the
Kedehern was born the youngest son of the now deceased Duke Acel Laurent. When his father died, his brother Edmund, sent him to the Redmarches to be fostered with the Telmar. The boy was considered a sweet, shy youth by most of his family when he left Artshall for the Telmarch. Duke Arn's armsmen spent much of his formative years training it out of the boy, at least on the surface. Once he was old enough, he earned his knighthood in the Red Mountains, fighting against the Abandoned. When the Silent War came, he was in the field taking arms against Brand's forces. Later, he spent his time in the Oathlands, rooting out insurgents when the call to arms sounded for the Gyre War, and he found himself on the walls in Setarco. And then again in the thick of things during the troubling affair with the Lodge of Petrichor. When rumors of an insurgent house making war on his family's duchy began to surface, he found himself in Arx looking to make himself useful once more.
looking to make himself useful once more.  +
Character Status Active  +
Cousins Barnabe Laurent + , Matilda Laurent + , Tina Laurent + , Renley Laurent + , Andre Laurent + , Kael Keaton + , Veronica Keaton + , Rohran Keaton + , Adalyn Clement + , Jaerith Keaton + , Kyler Keaton +
Description A taller individual, if not a giant, Kedeh
A taller individual, if not a giant, Kedehern has a powerful, athletic build carved out from long hours in the salle. His dark brown hair is typically of medium length, over a trimmed beard and piercing blue eyes. The man's movements are sure, and calculated, an economy of primal motion. When he speaks, it's in a smooth baritone that seems perfectly suited for carrying over the din of battle, or extolling the virtues of his comrades at camp.
lling the virtues of his comrades at camp.  +
Eye Color Blue  +
Fealty Valardin +
Full Name Kedehern Laurent  +
Gender Male  +
Hair Color Dark Brown  +
Height 6'3"  +
House Laurent +
Parents Acel Laurent + , Miriam Laurent +
Personality At first glance, many people might assume
At first glance, many people might assume Kedehern's a rather serious individual. Frankly, those people would be right. Those who take the time to know him however, soon realize that underneath the somewhat dour demeanor is a sense of humor that's just waiting to come out at the strangest times, as well as a warmth of spirit even if it's not often shown to just anyone.
en if it's not often shown to just anyone.  +
Religion Pantheon  +
Siblings Edmund Laurent + , Marcus Laurent + , Timothy Laurent + , Sondra Laurent + , Ilene Laurent +
Skintone Fair  +
Social Rank 4  +
Uncle Aunts Ada Laurent + , Tyrisa Laurent + , Dorian Laurent +
Vocation Knight  +
Categories Characters
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Colette Laurent + , Klaus Laurent + Uncle Aunts
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