House Ru-Taul
Head(s) of House Caspian Wild
Kingdom Any
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Liege Any
Words "Goodness is Chosen."
Sigil Silver wolf head over broken manacles on a field of black.
Nickname None
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CharacterTitleAgeGenderCharacter Status
Bashira Ru-Taul21FemaleActive
Elpenor Ru-Taul21MaleActive


Those from Ru-Taul, while originally from the Mourning Isles, having served as Thralls, can be from anywhere. Some of the family left the Isles and others remained.

Cultural Notes



Customs & Rituals

Vulture's Feast

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Family Members

Notes on NPC Family Members, NPC Staff, and other NPCs associated with the family. There is also information on if you want to create an OC for Ru-Taul.


Notable NPCs

Adding Family

Family members tend to come from the Mourning Isles, see genetics below.


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