Medeia Saik

Medeia Saik
Social Rank 6
Fealty Velenosa
"Velenosa" is not in the list of possible values (Redrain, Valardin, Grayson, Thrax, Pravus, Lyceum, Crown) for this property.
House Saik
Gender Female
Age 25
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Noble
Height short
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Skintone Tan
Parents Aaron Saik, Giovanna Saik
Siblings Arcelia Navegant, Estaban Saik, Neilda Saik
Uncles/Aunts Francesco Argento, Alessandro Argento, Raphael Mercier, Sadoletto Saik, Sela Saik, Ludovigo Saik, Phillipa Saik, Theda Argento, Orazio Saik, Eleyna Velenosa, Giuseppe Argento, Leticia Argento, Marco Argento, Carina Saik
Cousins Kima Saik, Eos Saik, Salazar Argento, Hugo Argento, Orianna Argento, Lunara Argento, Donato Velenosa, Marcos Saik, Adriana Velenosa, Luciana Velenosa, Carissa Malespero, Leonora Velenosa, Valentina Pravus, Cassimir Inverno, Filip Saik
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Petite and graced with plush curves, at first glance one might think Medeia is a spoiled noble who has never gotten her hands dirty. Her hair falls in glossy, dark brown waves past her shoulder blades, warm hazel eyes peek coyly from under thick, dark lashes, and her full lips can curve into a sultry pout as easily as a sly grin. She moves with the grace of a dancer, prone to using her hands to emphasize her words - delivered by a velvety alto in a lilting Lycene accent. Modesty is not one of her guiding principles when it comes to her sense of style, which allows the illusion of a pampered lady to shatter: An old, faded and jagged scar runs under her collar bone from right shoulder to sternum. Another covers most of her upper-left back. And, depending on how deep her neckline plunges, one may catch the occasional glimpse of intense scarring between her ribs.


Medeia is a talented conversationalist, able to hold her own when faced with unfamiliar subjects and shining like a star in mixed company. With keen intellect and insight, she collects information easily, and her seemingly boundless curiosity has her asking questions. A lot of questions. Questions that can lead to trouble if she is careless in the asking. However, the lady is just as quick to share what she knows, taking to the role of teacher naturally. She has a strong sense of right and wrong (which is not always the commonly agreed upon right and wrong) and is passionate in the defense of the things (and people) she believes in, often to her detriment. One might perceive her as frivolous if they don't know her well, as she enjoys flirting for flirting's sake, though she is sincere when offering praise and admiration. And if something needs doing, she will do it - even if it is messy! More than one dress has been ruined by delivering a baby or kneeling in the dirt to clean and stitch a bleeding wound without changing first.


Born a few minutes after her sister Neilda, Medeia grew up in a branch of the Saik family not meant to inherit the barony. The pair were raised hearing the stories of grand adventures and courageous deeds carried out by members of both their mother's and father's families, but unlike Neilda, she did not dream of adding to those tales. A bright, inquisitive, soft child who doted on her dolls and was dazzled by elaborate gowns, the family expected Medeia would be a useful spare for making a political match. And all seemed to be going according to that plan as the girl took to her lessons with acuity. By her early teen years, she had shown natural talent for many of the skills ladies of the Lyceum are prized for, as well as interest in viticulture and medicine.

It was idyllic, until an incident while fostering in Nilanza with her uncle - Marquis Marco Argento - left her scarred, terrified, and paranoid. At just 15, she ran away, believing it was the only way to keep herself - and her family - safe. Medeia found her way to Arx, where she could hide among the throngs of people. During those few years she was away from the barony, she lived as a commoner and learned midwifery under Tanith Grayhope's wing. When she learned about her brother Estaban's death and returned to Saikland Greens, it was to a baroness-regent who was a stranger - and who did not believe she was who she said she was. Thankfully, her parents confirmed her identity, and Lucita welcomed her back. However, a deep rift left relations with her parents strained. Even so, Medeia quietly tended her duties in the barony, mastering lessons to make up for her time away and taking on the oversight of the house's wine and spirit making.

When called to Arx by Lucita, she was excited to join the peers of the Compact and experience the city in an entirely new way. That return has changed her life considerably with the assassination of an uncle - Dominus Orazio Saik, a surprising betrothal request, travel to far off places, and earning some powerful allies (and enemies). After five years of marriage spent in a Prodigal house of the Mourning Isles during a civil war that pitted her against her own blood and beliefs, an unexpected (and quiet) divorce finds Medeia back in the Lyceum.