Matilde Redrain

Matilde Redrain
Social Rank 3
Fealty Redrain
House Redrain
Gender Female
Age 24
Vocation Huntress
Height average height
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Skintone Light
Parents Darnak Redrain
Siblings Darmal Redrain
Uncles/Aunts Keyla Redrain, Vincent Redrain
Cousins Emeric Redrain
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Slender yet athletic, Matilde has a feminine appearance with an average height. She has decent upper body strength that has been honed from years of pulling back bowstrings and taming horses in and around Farhaven. Most of her time is spent outdoors and has given her a sun-kissed complexion that brings out the crystalline blue of her eyes. Such features complement her long hair that's typically secured in a ponytail or chignon so her vision is not obscured while target practicing with her bow, hunting, or while training with the family's horses. She has a youthful appearance, a bright smile, and a glint of mischief in her eyes.


Matilde is able to play the part of a princess rather well and she's also perfectly capable of stepping out of all that delicate silk to don a set of leather riding gear and boots. Her dark hair can be let down into elegant curls threaded with sprinkles of tiny fine pearls, or it can be pulled back into a wispy braid with feathers woven within. Either way, she is a keen tribute to her Northern heritage whether she is attending formal gatherings or sitting astride a saddle in a hunt along rolling hillsides. She gets along with most people and has ways of escaping those she does not.


Ever since she was old enough to be outside by herself, Princess Matilde had a bow in one hand and the reins of a horse in the other. Target practice on the grounds of the manor house eventually spread beyond the gates and into the woodlands where she took up hunting astride a Redrain saddle. She had mentors that taught her the basics of archery, hunting game, caring for and riding horses, and one such mentor was Duchess Fianna Crovane.

Matilde spent time in Stormwall to learn from and study with her mentor, only to return home and work her knowledge first hand with the war horses of Farhaven. She raised and trained them for Redrain's cavalry and she never forgot the lessons that were taught to her even after the Duchess Crovane went missing. There was a stretch of time after the news reached home when Matilde split her focus between the stables and taking up her bow for hunting game. More and more of her time was spent target practicing until she eventually decided to blend her two passions into one as rider-archery. What was meant as a short term distraction turned into a new passion for the princess over the years that followed.

Word of recent trouble brewing in and around the Mourning Isles brought Matilde to the city of Arx with an overwhelming urge to be closer to her family. She made a promise to herself to continue training war horses for Redrain's cavalry as rumors of strange happenings reported in the north motivated her to do what she could to help keep her fealty safe. Needing answers, Matilde knew that guidance would soon come to her with a little help and time.