Ennettia Igniseri

Ennettia Igniseri
Social Rank 5
Fealty Velenosa
"Velenosa" is not in the list of possible values (Redrain, Valardin, Grayson, Thrax, Pravus, Lyceum, Crown) for this property.
House Igniseri
Gender Female
Age 28
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Merchant
Height average height
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark Hazel
Skintone Olive
Parents Meuric Saik
Siblings Karadoc Tessere
Cousins Pietro Igniseri, Vincere Igniseri, Iovita Igniseri, Quenia Igniseri, Ariella Igniseri, Lucita Saik, Luis Igniseri, Astraea Valardin, Amarantha Sanna, Echo Redrain, Leena Igniseri, Apollis Malvici, Avaline Velenosa, Yelana Igniseri, Videl igniseri, Amieli Igniseri
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She is a painting in warm colors: a portrait in warmly golden olive skin, with a backdrop of dark, dark hair hinted with whispers of auburn that tumbles in waves past her neck and shoulders to cascade over her back. Languid eyes of hazel, deep and dark, center her features, beneath the sooty veil of lashes. The soft bow of her full mouth is lush, especially when tilted in a wicked curve, sensual and languorous. Lissome grace informs her movements, flowing in an indolent elegance, as though she does not walk about the world so much as pour through it.


If there is a chair in a room, Ennettia will sit. If there is a chaise or bed, she will lounge. If there's a bowl of fresh fruit she'll lament the tragedy that it is unpeeled, and if someone peels the fruit she'll request it also be cut in bite size, aesthetically pleasing portions. Ennettia is, in short, never one to skimp on her own comfort. Words like vain, lazy, narcissistic, self-indulgent and spoiled are scattered before her in a reputation only a Lycene would admire. And yet she's charming despite - or because - of her honesty in regards to her pampered nature. Nor is she materialistic, or greedy: she is generous and affectionate to her friends, loathes only the painfully dull, and has a mind as sharp as her tongue, when she bothers to use it.


Growing up, Ennettia was overshadowed by her brilliant, talented older brother Karadoc-- and she loved him dearly for it. It removed all pressure from her to be outstanding. Sure, their parents encouraged her to apply herself, but in the end...everyone knew who the future of their Saik branch depended on. Instead, from an early age Ennettia knew precisely what she wanted from her place in the family: out of it.

It wasn't that she had any problems with her family members. It's just that Ennettia longed for a more luxurious existence, and while she admired her family's ability to be satisfied and comfortable in their genteel poverty, she firmly decided such things were not for her. Of course her family did their best to instill good values into her... but she still insisted she was better off married to someone wealthy. And so in the midst of growing frustrations with their son's apathy towards his future, Ennettia was happily shipped off in marriage to Ilsoreno Igniseri, and moved to Granato.

She had quite a comfortable, pleasant life, happily spending her husband's money and supervising the nannies raising their son. Until, unfortunately, the death of her husband in by opportunistic thieves threw a wrench in her plans to live the pleasant life of an elegant leech. Between the Arxian Siege, Ilsoreno's ill-organized records, and the lost of the Igniseri heirs in battle, Ennettia, with much lamentation, applied herself to making sure her husband's businesses did not fall.

As the business recovered in the following years, Ennettia choose to relocate to Arx... and for whatever reason, also applies - and is accepted - into the forces of the Inquisition. This was as short-lived as her time in Arx, and she left a while later, back to her estate with her son. Only years later did she return, son in tow, back to Arx - apparently still on a whim.