Bard's College

Bard's College
Org Head Gianna Whisper
Second Evaristo Arterius, Nina Autumndale
Words "Life is a Song"
Sigil Gold treble clef on blue
Nickname Bards

The Bard's College was founded by Whisper Gianna in 1008 AR as an informal organization dedicated to the improvement of musicians and singers by providing a place to gather, socialize, and trade songs.

Point of Contact: Gianna, Evaristo, Nina
Who is This Organization For?: Primarily musicians and singers. The majority of the College consists of commoner NPCs.
Who Else is the Organization For?: People who want to learn how to play an instrument or sing. People who want to get better at playing an instrument or singing. People who like to support music. People who like to support culture. People who like to look like they support music and/or culture.
Nightingale (1) - Head of faction.
Mockingbird (2) - Voices.
Esteemed Member (3) - The people who helped found the organization. Also people who make very generous donations.
Instructor (4) - Members of the organization who are interested in teaching others.
Bard (5) - Limited to characters who are, by concept, musicians/singers/storytellers/etc.. Generally, if the concept part of your sheet mentions being a musician/singer/something similar, that's how you qualify for this rank. Don't have an explicitly bardic concept but feel this is where you belong? Let's talk about it!
Performer (6) - Typically members who have participated in one of the College's shows/concerts/whatever.
Member (7) - Music is something your character does but is not their main focus.
Liaison (8) - Characters who liaise between the College and another organization who are not patrons.
Patron (9) - Supporters, official allies, etc..
The Bard's College is located on Grace Way, right by Whisper House. @directions bard will get you there (@directions college will take you to the Apothecary College). There's a great hall, a performance hall, Gianna's office for official business, the Mockingbirds' office (also for official business), and a workshop where instruments are made and sold, with proceeds going to the College.
What is Expected of Org Members?
Flippin' nothing! It's mostly a social organization. Sometimes opportunities to do things for events come up. The org does an @action once in a while. There will likely be at least one concert event a season. Basically, there's no pressure to do much of anything. Opportunities are posted on the bboard and usually mentioned in the Message of the Day. Remember to subscribe to the bboard and check it frequently!
Doesn't This Overlap With Whispers? Or Mummers?
Nah. Whispers have some musicians, but not all Whispers are musicians and not all musicians are Whispers. And the Mummers are actors, though again, some bards are actors and some actors are bards.

(Useful) OOC Stuff
Work Rolls:
Social: Charm/Diplomacy, Wits/Propaganda, Charm/Manipulation, Charm/Performance
Economic: Charm/Performance, Intellect/Economics
Military: Command/War, Perception/Empathy

Social 7
Economic 7
Military 1

Also, pianos are not a thing.