Akio Nagamine

Akio Nagamine
Social Rank 7
Fealty Crown
House Nagamine
Gender Male
Age 35
Religion Grace Of The Thirteen
Vocation Noble
Height average height
Hair Color Onyx
Eye Color Chocolate
Skintone Tan
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The long, silken strands of onyx black hair fall in straight lines down to mid-back, cut neatly but in a way that offers no hints to this person's gender. Nor does the face help solve that puzzle, with smooth skin, a delicately defined jaw, and medium cheekbones. Black brows arc over brown eyes and his nose bears the bump of having been broken once. The figure is ethereal, given to slender fingers and long, almot dainty limbs.


It's not thtat Akio is a man without ambitions, but rather that he's a man with too many ambitions. He wants to do, see, find something new, and finding, doing, or seeing new things is getting harder and harder to do. So his malaise over this inimical problem appears as one without a desire to do anything at all. Nothing could be further from the trtuh.

Around people, Akio is jovial and friendly. He enjoys the distracts from his own brain. In private he can be moody.


By thirty-five, Akio should have been someone. He should have married for the honor of his house or to stir his own ambitions and climb the social ladder. He should have been among the ranks of the Children, running across the rooftops of the capital city. By thirty-five, Akio's name should be known to more than just his family and friends, but to his father's disappointment it was not. Akio seemed to have none of the same ambitions that had driven his family the ranks of middle nobility in the Undying Empire.

This was not to say that Akio had done nothing with his life. He had spent it as a scholar, chasing a discovery that might one day put his name on the tongues of important people. The problem he found was that most of the important discoveries in the Empire had already...well, been discovered. At least that was his excuse. The beaurocracy made sure everything was well documented. The scribes of Vellichor picked up what slack was left. If you wanted to know something, you just went to the library.

Then came Arvum. Then came Copper's death and the year of mourning, and everything for Akio changed. Suddenly he had a chance to docment what the Empire did not have. Suddenly he had a chance to study what Platinum did not already know. And maybe if he could return home with the results of the Platinum Shift documented, then he could find a reward worthy of his father's praise. And so he was sent with Xia, Jian, and Nyima as part of the delegation to Arx. Now he serves as Chronicler and Accountant while working his private research.