Adalmus Nightgold

Adalmus Nightgold
Social Rank 4
Fealty Redrain
House Nightgold
Gender Male
Age 30
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Noble
Height An even six-foot
Hair Color Raven Black
Eye Color Sapphire Blue
Skintone Deeply Sun-kissed
Parents Rognan Nightgold
Uncles/Aunts Brogan Nightgold, Lorton Nightgold, Osmond Nightgold, Neddim Nightgold, Alaricia Nightgold
Cousins Nadia Nightgold, Cassius Pravus, Lydia Nightgold, Harlan Ashford, Olivia Ashford, Aislin Ashford, Signe Nightgold, Sigurd Nightgold, Mydas Nightgold, Iraia Nightgold
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Long, tied back raven-black hair falls loosely behind him, framing his chiseled features. Piercing blue eyes seem to examine everything within his gaze with almost a perpetual stillness. A bright white smile can almost always be seen underneath a dusting of dense facial hair further defining his strong jawline.


If one were to embody calm and charming, it would be Adalmus. An air of relaxation and aloofness exudes from this man, likewise, hes gaze about the area shows a deep intelligence to him, far more keen than most would sense. He generally gazes upon all things with wonder as well as scrutiny. From the enemies he castigates to the friends he vehemently defends. A dramatic and reactive creature, Adalmus is a man of great enjoyment of pleasures to all of the senses. He can be tempestuous and difficult to control, but his loyalty to his family is paramount.


Son of Rognan Nightgold, cousin to Mydas.