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|Parents=Warwick Farshaw
|Parents=Warwick Farshaw
|Cousins=Ryhalt Farshaw, Lisebet Ashford, Armand Farshaw, Elsbetta Farshaw, Alban Farshaw, Ciaran Farshaw
|Cousins=Ryhalt Farshaw, Lisebet Ashford, Armand Farshaw, Elsbetta Farshaw, Alban Farshaw, Ciaran Farshaw, Emberly Farshaw
|Uncles Aunts=Emmeline Farshaw, Edgar Farshaw, Marceline Farshaw
|Uncles Aunts=Emmeline Farshaw, Edgar Farshaw, Marceline Farshaw

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Thorley Farwatch
Social Rank 6
Fealty Valardin
House Farwatch
Gender Male
Age 36
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Knight
Height 6'2"
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Skintone Tanned
Parents Warwick Farshaw
Uncles/Aunts Emmeline Farshaw, Edgar Farshaw, Marceline Farshaw
Cousins Ryhalt Farshaw, Lisebet Ashford, Armand Farshaw, Elsbetta Farshaw, Alban Farshaw, Ciaran Farshaw, Emberly Farshaw
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The man who stands before you has what could easily be called a solid, if aged build, much like the land that he is the Sword of. His shoulders seem almost as broad as a doorway, and stands six feet and a pair of hands. His hair is thick and luxurious, with natural easy waves of dark chestnut browns that borders on black that is starting to turn to silver. Falling to just a couple of inches beneath his broad shoulders with a wind swept look and falls about his rugged sun tanned countenance complete with laugh lines and small scars. His is a very masculine vestige with chiseled cheekbones and a firm brow that bears expressive uncultured eyebrows. Those brows shadow a gaze of primal intensity in his brilliant sea-glass green eyes. Upon a solid squared jaw grows a thick beard that like his hair seems to have been slightly lightened by the sun, dark hairs in which invading silvery platinum randomly grow marking the march of time upon him. His beard is thick but short, its length reaching to his throat, while the mustache has been trimmed slightly to reveal expressive full lips which often holds a solemn serious expression.


Sir Thorley Sandreef is a man of few words, though when he does speak it tends to be cutting and sharp. He prefers the company of the drink, and the occasional brawl, than he does the company of others. Though he serves Westrock loyally, he's not a typical Valardin Knight. His former sailor days show through here and there in his mannerism and his speech; unpolished and bordering on crude.


Sir Thorley Sandreef is a sailor from the Westrock Reach. He was born and raised in the shadow of Lightsreach Keep as an orphan adopted by the Sandreef family. For most of his life he'd been looked at with knowing looks, pity, and sometimes derision for how much he looked like the former Duke of Westrock Reach. Thorley shrugged off most of it, and spent his life learning to sail the merchant boats that the Westrock Reach was known for.

In his late teens he met his wife-- Abigail. They married after a short romance. Less than a year later, they had a daughter, Lysa. For six years, the pair built upon a partnership, but she and their daughter died when one of their merchant vessels were attacked by pirates on their way to trade with the Laurents.

He took to his drink after that. For nearly a decade, he lost himself into the abyss of the bottle, drowning in the darkness and content to do so. That is until the old duke became ill and for some reason the duke's nephew, Ryhalt Farshaw, approached Thorley. Ryhalt pulled Thorley out of the drink, and had him squired to the Sword of Westrock Reach. In 1002, when Duke Warwick perished, and Duke Ryhalt came to power, the old sword retired and Thorley became Sir Thorley, Sword of Westrock.

For whatever reason he know serves Duke Ryhalt as faithfully as he can. Having started his knighthood late in life he's not as polished as most Valardin Knights, but he tries.